Clown News: Haley’s Hoping Trump Will End Up in Prison?


It’s hopeless but not impossible.

The Daily Beast stated what many think is obvious, which most media outlets hesitate to say. Nikki Haley remains in the race in the hope that Donald Trump will be convicted of a crime and that she can waltz in as the default candidate.

Most people think that’s what’s in her mind. It makes her ghoulish and, if true, it puts her in clown world territory.

The Beast writes:

While the former president is on track to secure the GOP nomination, he’s also on track to face four separate criminal trials resulting from his 91 separate felony charges, each of which could lead to a conviction.

That historic and unprecedented outcome would be unlikely before March 5, when 15 states hold their “Super Tuesday” primaries that could hand Trump the nomination outright. But that doesn’t mean influential Republicans aren’t thinking about it right now.

“Now if you’re talking to donors,” a former Trump administration official told The Daily Beast, “they understand that, and they understand the incredibly strange dynamic we’re in where second place matters if first place goes to jail.”

Haley thinks people will vote for her if Trump is imprisoned.

A source close to the Haley campaign who was with the candidate at her private reception on primary night in New Hampshire laid out the theory of the case for why Haley should hang in the race.

If Haley can sustain her campaign, at some point, Trump will stumble—legal developments will arise, and the campaign will be able to pounce in a way they weren’t able to when the primary was more crowded.

The only problem is Trump supporters will never vote for her, especially after what she has done. They mostly won’t vote for her because she’s the establishment, the very establishment that is destroying the country.

The establishment might just appoint her as their candidate if they can, but they can’t make people vote for her.

By the way, she lied again. Have you noticed she never comes up with solutions, just lies. He never asked the RNC to make him the candidate while Nikki is running. Absurdly, her latest tactic is to pretend Donald Trump is the DC insider.

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22 days ago

When the Libertarians put forward a candidate, then we’ll have a better choice.

22 days ago

She’s not perfect, but she’s the least embarrassing (to the country and all Americans). If you don’t feel embarrassed about Trump and Biden, well you should feel. You should be ashamed.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
29 days ago

Hubris? Stupidity? Insanity? She is unfit for public office.
At least she does not have to fear an assassination attempt. She is not worth the cost of a bullet (or poison, etc.)