Tucker Began His “Sworn Enemy Tour,” Enraging Trudeau-ites


Tucker Carlson went to Canada on his “Sworn Enemy Tour” to talk about their creepy Prime Minister and fascism. He said he came to Canada because he is half-Canadian. He called the CBC to let them know he was there and asked them to put him on TV, but he asked more as a joke.

The Trudeau-ites are appalled and believe Tucker is dangerous and trying to get them killed. Watch the tape at the end. The climate loon in the clip thinks Tucker encouraged political violence. Tucker told them to be polite when speaking the truth but mock them. The administration is a target-rich mockery environment.

Nothing Tucker said encouraged violence. He asked them to speak the truth.

This took place in the Oilers’ stadium in Edmonton.


He noted that Trudeau doesn’t control the weather and is not God. He said they know Tucker’s a racist because he’s not a trans and doesn’t believe in climate change, and that’s the entire programming for the CBC.

Then Tucker got into tyranny. The fascists don’t march in with goosesteps. He said they use the feminine version of fascism, the Chrystia Freeland version. After he torched her, he described how she was destroying their country.

Tucker noted that the “attack on you and your children is cloaked in the language of therapy, self-help, and compassion. You’re doing this for the common good. ”

British Columbia is giving fentanyl to the children, “what is that?” he asked. They do it without telling their parents.

“That is not an expression of compassion. Fentanyl is the number one killer of people under 40 in the United States – #1. There’s no safe dosage of fentanyl. It’s a poison manufactured in Mexico with Chinese precursors designed to kill people.”

People are being “socialized to the point where they’ve lost their souls.”

The Canadian government has killed 50,000 people, and not just the elderly. He’s referencing the euthanasia laws, which the government plans to expand to children after having expanded it to sad people. Tucker says it’s “totally evil.”

“The Canadian standard of living is in freefall” as Canada imports the most people per capita in the world. Why are they insisting on populating the country? It has “no obvious benefit.”

As he said, they are doing what they are doing in the United States – “they are importing more voters.”


There is “zero evidence the Trudeau government loves you” and plenty of evidence “they hate you.”

These exact issues imitate the entire Anglosphere at exactly the same time,” and all are on the brink of being irrevocably broken.

Tucker suggested they speak the truth in a typical nice Canadian way. He encouraged politeness.

He asked them if they’d let Justin babysit their kids. Eventually, he jokingly said Trudeau would go back to Cuba or do whatever he did, suggesting that Trudeau is the son of Fidel and Tucker will check it out with 23andMe.

Tucker said the kryptonite of these people is calling people “racists.” When they first called him racist, he was horrified. After consideration, he knew he was not and shouldn’t care what they thought.

Tucker told them, “Now is the time for mockery” since you are led “by buffoons.”

More than 8,000 showed up.

The anti-free speech totalitarianists think free speech encourages violence and puts a target on their backs. They don’t want the truth out. – they’re power-mad empty vessels.

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Mark Kent
Mark Kent
24 days ago

Dear Princess Trudeau, if we ever meet in person, I’m gonna kick you in your ovaries, bitch.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
25 days ago

Faux News looks worse every time Tucker talks. They held him back. He is doing a great service to Canada, at a time in which a court rules that Trudeau violated law when he persecuted people.

Freeland has been shown to be descended from real Nazis. Infowars proved that.