Clown Show! Hunter Crashes a Hearing, Then Storms Out


Hunter Biden refused to show up for a House hearing when he was subpoenaed recently and said he would only attend a public hearing. Today, he crashed a hearing but quickly fled. Hunter is untouchable and knows it; thus, he is extremely lawless and arrogant.

Rep. Nancy Mace Blasted Hunter Biden

Rep. Mace called for Hunter Biden to be arrested for defying the House subpoena.

“You are the epitome of white privilege…You have no balls…I think Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now, and go to jail,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said while glaring at the president’s son:

Mace pointed to their hypocrisy, but Marxists don’t care if they’re hypocrites. It never embarrasses them.

After the meeting, Rep. Mace posted on X that “It’s no secret that Hunter Biden is using his privilege to evade any sense of accountability. He showed up in the People’s House as a PR stunt. It’s horrendous that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are standing by him as he spits in the face of the American people.”

Rep. Crockett Doesn’t Like White Rep. Mace Talking About White Privilege

Rep. Crockett resented Rep. Mace, saying Hunter exhibits white privilege since Mace is white. She also compared Trump Hotels making money when Chinese officials stayed at the hotels, while Hunter appears to have gotten money from China illegally.

You lose IQ points if you listen to Crockett too long.

Hunter and his lawyers immediately left the hearing when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) began to speak. “[He] sits here with a smug look on his face and runs away when it’s my turn to talk,” she said.

“He can’t even face my words as I was about to speak to him,” she said. “What a coward.

However, he left after Democrats voted to ask him questions. Instead, that didn’t happen.

Marjorie Taylor Greene put up a photo of a naked Hunter paying off prostitutes during a previous hearing.


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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Why wasn’t he arrested instantly?

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

I agree with Nancy Mace 95%

why not 100% ?

Because she said the problem was white privilege…

she is very wrong about that one…

The behavior of the Bidens has nothing to do with race.

corrupt judges, prosecutors, corrupt politicians come in all colors

why blame it on white people ???

she is wrong on that point but right on all other points.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Cocaine found in the White house,

Trannies showing their boobs at the White house,

Criminal President and his criminal son- addicted to prostitutes ( spent 180,00$ on them in about 2 years ) receiving millions from enemy nations in the White house

The White House colluding with criminal attorneys and prosecutors to throw their opponent in prison

the list goes on and on…

it is more than a criminal family in the White house

it is the most decadent administration in the United States of America History.

oh yeah… and they got there by rigging the election…and throwing in jail those who are angry the election was fraudulent.

Barry Loves Michael
Barry Loves Michael
1 month ago

Hunter seen the words “House” and “subpoena” and figured he’d get free crack and a Pearl Necklace for just showing up.