Clown World: Columbia University Moves to Online Classes


“We are increasingly concerned [about] the potential for some kind of coordinated attack here in the homeland, which may be not that different from what you saw against the concert hall in Russia a few weeks ago from ISIS-K.”
~ FBI Director Wray

The rampaging pro-Hamas students are disrupting campus life and threatening Jews from New York to Washington State. The radical communists and Islamofascists are trying to get smaller colleges involved. The first college to cave is Columbia. They rejected police help and decided to shut down in-school education.

Columbia University announced Tuesday that classes would transition to Zoom as pro-Hamas radicals continue to disrupt every aspect of campus life and terrorize Jewish students.

Faculty and staff can work at home or in person, but classes will be remote. Some are calling for tuition refunds. The average annual cost is $86,000.

It’s now an online school for the remainder of the semester.


The photo above is of a class indoctrinating students at Columbia in the Starbucks on the second-floor lounge on campus. The screen in the back says, “The need to condemn Hamas is counter-productive.”

Really? They won’t think that if we have a Hamas attack here in the US. The ‘protesters’ do claim they are Hamas.

That seems to be what Columbia has decided — no need to condemn or fight back. Starbucks has also supported boycotting Israel even though it hasn’t had a store there since 2003.

It’s hard to tell from the photo since Reddit took it down before I could blow it up and save it, but the people on the stage all wear masks. Reporter Bari Weiss thinks the mask wearers at these ‘protests’ want to avoid the KKK laws. It could also be that they want to avoid recognition as they threaten to kill people.

The police should be allowed to arrest them as the new KKK, but we have weak leaders.

Columbia has too many radical communist and pro-Hamas professors.


At NYU, the students staged a walk-out and ended up in the park with faculty members.

“It is right to rebel,” the protesters chanted, “NYPD, go to hell.”  Reporter Zach Kessel: Alongside the typical calls for “intifada revolution,” NY University students told police officers to “go to hell” at a Washington Square Park rally on Tuesday.

They start trouble so they can get arrested. The communist front The National Lawyer’s Guild gets them out, and they have their photo-ops.

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