The ATF Turned a Routine Operation Into a Bloodbath


Bryan Malinowski was shot to death by the ATF during the execution of a no-knock search warrant. They came at 6:00 AM when it was still dark and banged down his door. Mr. Malinowski got his gun. His wife didn’t hear the ATF announce themselves.

Mr. Malinowski was a high-profile Executive Director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport and sold firearms on the side. He was a gun collector.

There is no indication that he thought he was doing anything illegal.

He shot first at their feet, and they blew him away, shooting at his head.

That was on March 19.

We recently discovered that the ATF did not wear bodycams. They are allegedly gradually putting bodycams in each department. So, we will never really know what happened or why. The ATF is refusing to answer questions.



South Arkansas Reckoning suspects it has to do with the final rule in the Safer Communities Act, yet another effort to infringe on gun rights. They thought they were going to use this high-profile person to get publicity for the Biden-Harris ticket.

That new rule notes that if a person is repetitively selling guns of the same or similar make and model within one year of their purchase, they are supposed to become a licensed dealer.

The same goes if a person “repetitively sells firearms within thirty days of purchasing those firearms or selling firearms and tells potential buyers that they can acquire additional firearms for that buyer to purchase, the seller is supposed to become a licensed dealer.”

The release continues: “It does not matter whether you are dealing firearms at a gun show, online, in your home, in the trunk of a car, at a flea market, or anywhere else—you must obtain a license and run background check results. Evidence that a person placed ads online or reserved a table at a gun show shows that the person is intending to profit from the sale.”

No one who knew Mr. Malinowski believed he knew of the rule or what he was doing required a license. They said he wouldn’t have risked his job.

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