Clown World Reporter Asks MTG About Jewish Space Lasers


Back in 2018, when Marjorie Taylor-Greene was reading Q-Anon, for which she apologized, she noted that people were talking about Rothschild space lasers. A pompous reporter named Emily Maitlis brought that up to embarrass her last night during a gathering waiting for Super Tuesday Primary Results.

These arrogant reporters with the gotcha questions are not reporters, just activists looking for clicks. The reporter’s company is ‘News Agents.’ Maitlis works for them and is trying to make a name for herself.

“And can you tell me why so many people who support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself? He seems to attract lots of conspiracy theorists,” Maitlis said.

MTG turned it around on her, noting how the Left loves their conspiracy theories.

Maitlis then asked her to tell her about the Jewish space lasers. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who owns a trucking company and is not your typical woman, told her to “F*** Off!”

News Agents were proud of themselves for getting her to say something profane, but people responded with positive comments: “fair response,” “good for you,” “we need more of this,” and so on.

It seems people are &#@% fed up with the nasty clowns in the media.

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