CNBC leftist attacks co-host on air since he has no debate skills


Two co-anchors on CNBC got into a nasty row on air yesterday. The financial network has gone very far left and hired leftist nut Andrew Ross Sorkin as a co-anchor.

Last year, Andrew Ross Sorkin, fresh from the NY Times, wanted banks to punish legal gun owners. He’s also been hysterical and wrong about the virus. Now he’s upset that the stock market is rallying.

Joe Kernen accused Andrew Ross Sorkin of trying to panic people throughout this pandemic, which he has. Sorkin then attacked Kernen personally, claiming he was trying to “help your friend, the president.” Sorkin can’t debate on the issues, they’re indefensible, so he attacks.

Sorkin is a far-far-left progressive who has no argument so he attacks Kernen as a friend of Trump’s.

The corporate shill can’t debate so he patronizes Kernen, saying, “I’m begging you to do the news.”




  1. Might as well go full laughingstock as our enemies rub their hands with glee and plot.
    They don’t pick up teevee over there and can’t see how it is an 1860 redux due to November 2016.
    It’s a good thing that we have the magic soil and the world reserve currency and hopefully that will last forever…oh wait.

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