Thieves, arsonists, criminals run amok in Minneapolis


Anarchists have free rein in America. It’s now okay to riot and loot if they think an injustice was done. It became acceptable under the prior administration.

There are two separate events going on in Minneapolis in reaction to George Floyd’s death, possible murder, by a white police officer. There is a political march on the local police station where the rioters destroyed the outside of the police station. Then there is the looting, burning of buildings in downtown that are just opportunistic riots and criminal activity.

LA Communists, Black Lives Matter, are also rioting and looting.

It would be very helpful if these thieves would allow the legal system to execute justice.

Watch these empowered dirtbags hurting businesses already suffering under the lockdown:

The loons are also out of control in downtown LA, which makes no sense at all, but riots generally don’t.



  1. Local reports say 2 to 3 “Miles” of stores have been destroyed and looted. Scenes inside Target show an “empty” store and damage throughout. ATM’s were broken into, along with US Bank. There was a crane in the area that was feared topping over. There was an older woman in a wheelchair who attempted to thwart looting and had a knife. She was pummeled by men and women. She was sprayed with a fire extinguisher. All this was in the area of Lake street. A few miles away dozens of looted and destroyed stores.

    I have overlooked the statistics and wanted to understand the plight of their communities. After all that I’ve seen, including livestreams of most everyone celebrating the destruction, I have No sympathy for any of them. This isn’t a rare occurrence, but a typical one. Why should anyone in the public care what happens to them. One man said if we are treated like animals we will act like one. Well, so goes the opposite. If you want to act Worse than animals you can be treated as such.

    I have been concerned with the militarization of police and tactics used. After last night I consider them well founded and necessary. Bring on the MRAPS. As it stands, anytime a protest is planned it should be automatic that national guard troops are brought in. (Protests are again planned for later today). Right at this moment they are Still looting stores as a local reporter confronts them. Time after time these communities Destroy the support they would have garnered from many of us. Some were complaining THIS is the only way to get justice. No, it’s not. They Would get justice if it weren’t for the their resorting to destruction each and every time. I have no more sympathy for their communities. They want to keep bringing it upon themselves.

    The report on Fox this morning was typical of a CNN report. They only showed the “beginning” of the fire in Autozone. Then they showed the video of the actual arrest and said he wasn’t resisting. Are they Idiots. The cops take him away and they exit the camera view. There is NO video between That point and the video of the cops with the knee.

    And guess who are planning to show up. Jackson and Sharpton. Well, the protests this afternoon may turn out to be even worse with those two involved.

  2. Also, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there wasn’t 100 million in theft and damages. A large housing complex was literally burnt to the ground. It was nearly completed. Many other stores were also burnt to the ground, in celebration. How many jobs have been permanently lost in this one night.

  3. When the fires started last night fire trucks attempted to enter the area and looter and vandals attacked them doing serious damage to the trucks.

  4. I’m sick of people minimalizing these perpetrators actions to make them sound like ‘the poor black man’ to further their agenda of demonizing white people. This guy was’nt writing a ‘bad check’. He was trying to pass a counterfeit 20$ bill.

    • I’ve seen enough video. There was excessive force being used on a man already subdued. Do you know how much counterfeit is in the system? No you don’t because they hide that number for fear that it will cause people to not trust in the god anymore. Of course the Demonscatt is going to take advantage of the situation, that’s their banner cry. I would not be suprised if this was ordered or ‘suggested’ from on high to have an excuse to order martial law. You statement tells much about your I.Q. and you depth of humanity. Once the cuffs are on the fight is over. That cops right was moving meaning all his weight was on his left knee. This was muder. And the powers that be knew exactly what it would ignite.

  5. I’ve heard the msm say all 4 of the cops had body cams, they need to release the footage of what happened before the knee on the neck footage.

  6. Yep! I am for going after that cop – it APPEARS he went way beyond. But let ALL the facts come out – and if merited – then prosecute the guy.

    But, burning MY business….? They are lucky I was not there with a few friends (like the Koreans in LA years ago protecting THEIR businesses from the rooftop with rifles…). It WOULD get ugly. Black, brown, white, red, yellow, green – torch my business, and I’d do my utmost to stop you and any others from doing that…..

  7. Why it’s almost as if Hussein Hopenchange is still in office as Dear Leader Messiah.
    We are going to remain a first world powerhouse with a population of third world turds?
    Keep telling yourself that.

  8. I wonder how many of the looted and burned businesses in Minneapolis were black-owned? How many black employees are now out of a job because the businesses they worked for had to close following all the riots? And why is there a pattern of looting and burning and rioting follow tragic incidents like this in large cities? How does this solve anything?

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