Thieves, arsonists, criminals run amok in Minneapolis


Anarchists have free rein in America. It’s now okay to riot and loot if they think an injustice was done. It became acceptable under the prior administration.

There are two separate events going on in Minneapolis in reaction to George Floyd’s death, possible murder, by a white police officer. There is a political march on the local police station where the rioters destroyed the outside of the police station. Then there is the looting, burning of buildings in downtown that are just opportunistic riots and criminal activity.

LA Communists, Black Lives Matter, are also rioting and looting.

It would be very helpful if these thieves would allow the legal system to execute justice.

Watch these empowered dirtbags hurting businesses already suffering under the lockdown:

The loons are also out of control in downtown LA, which makes no sense at all, but riots generally don’t.

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