Schumer Praised Cuomo’s Deadly Nursing Home Order-“handled things very well”


A couple of weeks ago the Sentinel mused about how utterly silent NY Senator Chuck Schumer had been regarding the 5,000 deaths in his state’s nursing homes.  We pointed out specifically that, two institutions suffering the most deaths, were within a couple of miles of his Brooklyn office.

The Sentinel also mentioned, while Schumer was currently MIA in his own grieving neighborhood, 3 years earlier he’d made a trip to Queens, aimed at comforting foreign travelers slightly delayed at JFK because of President Trump’s travel restrictions.  He shed some tears at the presser.

Not long after our story, but tucked way in some media black hole, we found the senator making his first public comments on Cuomo’s nursing home policy.  He went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, certainly expecting a softball interview from the Trump-hating host.

But Schumer wound up being interviewed by someone sitting in for Scarborough, and was actually asked a semi-tough question! Worse still for Chucky, the host broke fawning media protocol by asking some follow up questions.

When gently pressed if Governor Cuomo’s decision to put COVID positive patients back into nursing homes was “a mistake” an increasingly uncomfortable Schumer said, “I think the governor….frankly…. handled things very well. We’ve been the epicenter of the crisis with so much going on and the issues of hospitals and nursing homes were very hard to manage.”

He went on, “I think our governor has handled it well.  I don’t have any dispute with what he has done.”

When pushed further about his own appraisal of Cuomo’s performance, given Prince Andrew wound up reversing his own deadly order, Chucky really gets pretty antsy.  Now if you’ve ever seen Senator Schumer at one of his many, many press conferences, you’ve probably never seen him antsy. That’s cause most of the press attending, just nod in agreement.

The clip is only about 90 seconds so we’d strongly encourage you to watch.  Writing any more about it just won’t do it justice.  Click to behold as a very ill at ease Chuck Schumer resorts to odd, hand gestures while trying and make a point.

No wonder the media’s buried this interview.  It exposes what happens to this arrogant old school, machine pol when finally faced with questions he should have been asked months ago.





  1. This is what these clowns do, they pat back other on the back whether they’re right or wrong. I find these politicians repugnant.

  2. Schumer was so caught off guard he looked like he was going to throw up. He kept averting his eyes and moving his hands to take the attention off his blanched face. He wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that the NY governor reversed the nursing home order. Imagine his response if the governor had been a Republican!

  3. Even before the Wuhan Flu there wasn’t enough toilet paper in the world to deal with this giant turd. To garbage like UpChuck Schumer, by definition, anything DemocRATS do – regardless of consequences – is good, and if Republicans do the same thing, it’s evil. When DEMONcrats are cast into HeII they will demand hearings on extreme climate change and they’ll discover that Chuck Tumor was really Satan in his Earthly form, By the way Schmucky, your niece is fat and isn’t funny.

  4. Seems to me that Chuckeroo has skated numerous innocent questionable deaths during his most recent support of democrats…..Beheading that Obama went out to play golf after one of his very few press conferences, Benghazi which no one has apologized for lying about a video, oh and his wife ( who didn’t advertise her married name) as head of Transportation in NY when the Staten Island Ferry hit the doc and 11 people were killed….. Chucky seems to be over qualified for REMOVAL BY NY STATE RESIDENTS!!!!!
    I’m sure that I’ve missed many other gems of evidence in his STELLAR REIN AS NY SENATOR…..

  5. Question: “Was Governor Cuomo’s decision to put COVID positive patients back into nursing homes was “a mistake?”

    Upchuck: “NOTHING Democrats do is a mistake; NYC was the EPICENTER of the Crisis, which means that King Andrew the Baby / Elderly Killer and Comrade Mayor Bolshevik Bill did the right thing by killing 5500+ vulnerable old people in Nursing Homes, who were NOT facing a unique problem. They handled it well… then again, if killing 5500+ elderly is handling it well, how should we rate how Florida handled it? Obviously, they handled it wrong, because their governor is a Republican. If there is anything wrong here, it’s Trump’s fault. In any event, I think the Governor handled the issue of caring for the elderly in nursing homes as well as the Third Reich dealt with the problem of the mentally ill during their Aktion T-4 Program, which made room for REAL human beings to be treated and saved loads of money by not spending it on disposable… deplorables. It’s just like the issue of abortion: no people, no problem..

    Frankly, I am envious of the fact that King Andrew is an even MORE REPELLENT, SLIMY, DOUBLE-TALKING, REPTILIAN POLITICAL HACK than I am. But when you’ve mastered the art of False Sincerity as well as he has, you have it made in this business.”

  6. This article is a great ‘piece’ of words. I’ve never seen Schumer so pensive, eyes diverting in thought as soon as the question was posed because he knew he was going to hack-side his answer. And he did. I’m just surprised he didn’t come back with the ‘Prince’s’ now old standby of “they were going to die anyway” (It nauseates me to repeat those words). Well that’s just about what he said when speaking of the now available beds which is of in itself a misnomer to the actual truth. Of course there is more room now ; 5000 vacancies ! Evil idiot ! Andrew and company and those who try to defend the position(s)….killed people. I am so,so disgusted with this devil’s spawn.

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