CNN, ABC, NBC, WaPo, Times Join Bannon’s Filing Against DOJ – What???


CNN, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, The NY Times, Dow Jones, and more than a dozen media companies file legal briefs joining Steve Bannon’s bid to lift the DOJ’s order stopping him from sharing 1,000 files in his contempt of Congress case.

They are only joining on the procedural matter.

Prosecutors are seeking a protective order that would prohibit Bannon or his team from disclosing materials from the case. The DoJ is hiding 14,000 hours of video from the J6 riot/rally and 1,000 files.

Prosecutors notoriously abuse protective orders.

The Bannon defense is going to directly address the DoJ/FBI abuse of power in issuing protective orders which allows them to violate the law, provide a roadmap to other DoJ victims, and enable them to cover up their own corruption.

When they want to cover up, all they do is put a protective order on what they don’t want to be revealed.

A protective order would severely limit what Bannon can do with the trove of information that the feds must share as part of the normal discovery process and have already begun handing over.

The Justice Department says prosecutors have handed over grand jury materials, interviews, and Jan. 6th Committee emails totaling more than 1,000 pages.

Media groups have submitted a motion arguing on Bannon’s side. They argue that the government’s order violates the 1st Amendment.  Bannon has expressed his desire to share the information with the media

The Feds argued in their own motion Sunday that Bannon is seeking to “try this case in the media rather than in court.”

The press group argues that the government’s proposed order would violate the First Amendment – and takes on the government’s own contention that allowing Bannon to use the materials would result in pretrial publicity that could taint the jury pool.

Bannon was indicted this month and charged with contempt of Congress after he failed to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6th witch hunt committee.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

These junk news sources, some Intel arms, do not want to be scooped. They want the evidence first hand.

2 years ago

Pelosi is an idiot. She has a sever case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and going after Trump has opened the door to discovery that would blow the Lid off of the Democrat scheme for J6. Pelosi turned down National Guard Troops for J6, so her AntiFa operatives could storm the Capitol Building and scare Republicans into accepting a corrupt election instead of pushing the questionable elections back to the States and in the end forcing a State by State Election for President in the House. They knew Pence would completely fold after the riot. It was a threat of Nationwide riots if Pence did the right thing and forced State Legislators to vote and certify the Electors that caused Republicans to become weak kneed. I suspect that most of the Corrupt States would not certify if the State Politicians had to go on the record in support of fraud, so the vote would go to the House without 270 where Traitor Joe would have lost.

The bigger question is, “What was China’s involvement in putting the Traitor Joe Puppet into office?” All the key players in Congress have family with multi-million dollar ties to China. You can’t tell me these people aren’t corrupt! I voted for Trump because he had a track record in public of fixing things and was too rich to buy off. Trump was a real threat to the Deep State Bureaucracy, Big Government, and the Globalist. Trump also understood that expanding the economy was the answer to America’s financial problems. Democrats can’t stay in power when the poor get a job and move into the Middle-Class.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

The ‘Politburo’ is getting ‘antsy’ eh! They have ‘tried’ everything in the ‘press’ so far…so why not this???