CNN Admits Their Bombshell Report of Trump Jr’s Wikileaks Collusion Was False


CNN reported a fake news story about Donald Trump Jr. Despite news that the story was incorrect, they let it remain on their site and they continued to report it all throughout the day.

CNN reported on Friday that they had evidence of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. of stolen Democratic documents from Wikileaks. The report came in this morning. Sentinel ignored it because the bombshell Trump anything reports from CNN, ABC, WaPo, NY Times are almost always wrong. This one was as it turns out, colossally wrong.

They must want to outdo Brian Ross’s crazy report and they have succeeded. No one at CNN vetted the report properly because it quickly came apart.

CNN confirmed this morning that Donald Trump Jr. received an email September 4 2016 offering access to hacked Democratic Party data. The offer was for an decryption key and website address providing access through Wikileaks for hacking the documents. As it turns out, after all the outlets repeated CNN’s report, they had to admit they had the date wrong. It was September 14th when all that data was available publicly online.

All the outlets, CBS, NBC, and others had to put in the correction.

CNN wanted people to believe there was collusion and Trump Jr. had advance knowledge.

Daily Caller has more details.

Why even bother listening to their “bombshells”? When they come out, it’s best to give them a day or so since they don’t bother to vet things properly. They’d rather be first than right and that’s usually how it works out, they’re first but not right.

CNN waited all day to correct the story even though The Washington Post had the correct date.

Sounds like another partisan attack from the mainstream media.

Listen to their excuse. The report was allegedly based on two sources. Who were the sources? Brian Ross and Hillary Clinton? Who vetted it? George Soros?




  1. Robert Mueller has disgraced the FBI and the U.S. Marine Corps, and he would ,make a pimple on the ass of Mattis. Mueller is a narrow minded dangerous guy. He would kiss the ass of James Comey in public on 5th Avenue.

  2. CNN’s interview with Jim Jordan by Alisyn Camerota claims that the dossier has been corroborated by the FBI and the Intelligence community. WHERE is that report in the news. I haven’t seen any report that anyone has confirmed the details of the dossier. How is that even possible when it is self-contradictory.

    Also, if this dossier IS confirmed then what is Mueller investigating. He should ALREADY have all the evidence. Furthermore, WHEN did this corroboration occur because in the hearings it was said they did NOT verify it.

  3. Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are said to have given the false information in order to affect the News cycle. How Many Times will CNN continue to rely on unscrupulous sources in their reports. Are they so hateful of Trump they will completely destroy their brand. There are still many who do believe they are a trusted news source but you cannot continue with these poorly sourced reports and not expect to be damaged in everyone’s eyes .

    As an OAN video insert states. “This is an apple. Some networks have to tell you it’s an apple”. etc.

    • I do not understand why Adam Shit and Windy Warner do not realize that they have destroyed their credibility. I hope that Americans will wake up and realize the crap these sleaze bags are shoveling.
      I am an independent, and only have an I.Q. of 50, but these guys and others like them insult my intelligence.

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