CNN Appears Very Worried About CNN Leaks


Brian Stelter, the bald Hillary

James O’Keefe has made good on his promise to release hundreds of hours of raw data taken from the CNN newsroom by an undercover operative or whistleblower. O’Keefe’s website, CNNLeaks, has crashed at the moment but some information has been released.

Despite his site having crashed because millions are on the site at one time, and despite thousands of tweets going out, it’s not trending on Twitter.

Brian Stelter at CNN, known as the bald Hillary, published his vicious hit piece last night.

He started out by calling him a conservative provocateur. Conservative is now a dirty word and traditional Americans are the counter culture you must understand.

While most of what Stelter said in the article is untrue or is at least debatable, we won’t argue it here and are simply listing his comments so you can see the degree of fear and anger oozing from CNN.

CNN’s bald Hillary went all out attacking O’Keefe, sometimes with half-truths and at times outright lies. It’s easy to call an investigative reporter “shady”.

Stelter’s “unbiased” views about O’Keefe:

  • [He] has a reputation for shady tactics and exaggerated statements.
  • Given his track record, many consider O’Keefe discredited, and not a serious journalist.
  • His detractors say his salesman techniques are an attempt to mask unethical practices.
  • O’Keefe is best known for a 2009 takedown of a prominent community organizing group called ACORN. In a series of stings, O’Keefe presented himself as a pimp and sought advice from ACORN staffers about operating a brothel and evading taxes. The scandalous caught-on-camera conversations led to firings and federal defunding of the group. Some ACORN supporters raised questions about the ethics and the legality of the stings, however, and one employee sued O’Keefe, alleging that O’Keefe broke the law by taping him without consent. O’Keefe settled for $100,000.
  • O’Keefe has a tendency to exaggerate his findings, with video titles like “Rigging the Election.” A profile in The New Yorker last year called him an “amateurish” spy.
    O’Keefe told the reporter, Jane Mayer, that “he is not a dirty trickster but an investigative journalist and a leading practitioner of modern political warfare.”
  • Hannity sounded gleeful about it. But others have a much more skeptical view of O’Keefe. Hannity also hosts a prime time show on Fox News, and some of his colleagues have openly questioned O’Keefe’s credibility. “He’s had to pay lawsuit settlements,” Fox host Juan Williams said last fall, saying O’Keefe “doesn’t have a high level of credibility.”

They also like to call him a criminal because he went undercover at a senator’s office not realizing what he had done was illegal. He has lawyers check all his operations now.

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