CNN babe cries live on air over her ‘white privilege’ in aftermath of George Floyd death


CNN, the communist news network, has some terrible actors posing as reporters. They’re propagandists for the far-left and are very transparent.

In the clip below, you can see Brooke Baldwin gearing up for her tearful response, crying about her white privilege. She finds it unbearable apparently.

Clearly, Brooke Baldwin is a political activist for the far-left.

Everything is “race, race, race” for CNN. Do we know for certain that Chauvin is a racist? There are a lot of false stories about him as a racist. Maybe he’s guilty of manslaughter, but how do we know he did it out of racist beliefs?

Ms. Jenkins ends by listing her far-left wish list.




  1. You can’t see the large sliced onion off screen. Only a well fed society of plenty could waste its time inventing problems.
    When you are well fed there are many problems when you are not fed there is only one problem.
    Somewhere a Marxist RAT professor is beaming and thinking what an accomplishment it will be when the Long March Through the Institutions is complete.
    Those who cannot create get busy destroying.

  2. I am an individual, not a member of an ethnic group. I bear no responsibility for other people’s actions.

  3. Classic leftist, dare I say Marxist propaganda, designed to fan the flames of class division and promote a mob mentality that is bent on destroying everything in its path that doesn’t adopt its views or bow to its demands. This, and all the while, continuing to enjoy the liberty and substance provided to them by those before them and around them who sacrificed to pay for it all. In one hand they carry a banner labeled “Liberty”, and in the other they carry a hammer. Beware these unthankful bringers of destruction and ruin for even as you dare to speak with with them of Liberty, they will strike you with their hammer they call “Justice”.

  4. Aww poor baby, maybe she needs a big… chicken up the … egghole to make her feel better about her perceived privilege.

    oh and watcher, no don’t run, thats what they want, fire back with superior aim.

  5. They have a short window and are pulling out all the stops…for the last four years, according to the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media, the leftist so called “liberal” progressive(?) demoncraps , the RINO and the muslim – wannabe world domination faction known as the “brotherhood” – contingents one D. J. Trump, President is responsible for everything that could be portrayed as “bad” that occurred ANYWHERE in the Universe…the day he was elected they were blaming him for the Keystone problems that had been festering for months…and they blamed him for Obama’s caged children…and the laws signed by George W. Jr., that made the “caging” possible…even the Mayor of New Orleans and New York’s Governor blamed him for NOT making the right decisions for them regarding the Chinese virus etc., etc.,. They are desperate November is fast approaching and everything they have tried so far has backfired…even Covid 19…but they keep trying and they are becoming so blatant that it is only the thoroughly brainwashed and the ignorant by default – those who rely solely on the MSM for their “information” – that are incapable of recognizing what IS going down. The MSM, social media and the Democrat party ARE the enemies within…and from their actions, appear to be actually acting on behalf of a foreign power against the Republic…

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