CNN babe goes white as voters support President Trump


Alisyn Camerota looked ill on her broadcast yesterday as she interviewed voters, even ‘people of color’ who said President Trump is doing a “phenomenal job.” It’s nice to see. Alisyn is a biased Trump hater.

One voter said, “He’s doing a phenomenal job and he has my vote, absolutely.”

The phrase ‘people of color’ as the left would say, proves once again how racist they are.

We are all one people, color is irrelevant as is any superficial characteristic.

Watch, it’s fun:

Melissa Francis didn’t seem to want to hear too much of the next man’s comments but she had no choice as the ‘man of color’ raved about Trump.

Black America is finally waking up. ‘Look at the numbers. It’s the best Black employment on record’:

But for those of you who plan to vote for the left and who want criminals on the streets, not in prisons, vote Kamala:

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