This is why Officer Sheskey shot Jacob Blake – a ‘mother’s desperate plea’


Jacob Blake is the man who Kamala Harris is so proud of. He was shot 7 times in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The police officer who shot him, Rusten Sheskey, shot Blake after hearing a woman plead,  “He’s got my kid. He’s got my keys.”

Police Officer Rusten Sheskey said he shot him “because he was afraid Blake, while attempting to flee the scene, was trying to kidnap a child in the backseat of the vehicle.”


CNN reported in an article titled, “Lawyer says cop shot Jacob Blake after hearing a mother’s desperate plea: ‘He’s got my kid. He’s got my keys.’”

Sheskey’s attorney, Brendan Matthews, noted that if Blake had been allowed to drive away and something happened to the child that the entire narrative would be about why the officer didn’t do something to stop Blake.

“Matthews told CNN he typically does not talk about pending cases but said he felt compelled to provide some additional detail to counter what he described as an ‘incomplete, inaccurate’ narrative that has emerged to date,” CNN added.

“Matthews directly disputed assertions by Blake’s family and lawyers that he was unarmed and posed no threat to the officers.”

The shooting sparked left-wing riots that caused more than $50 million in damage in the swing state with just weeks to go until the November election.

“Matthews said a second officer at the scene, whom he also represents, provided investigators with a similar account of Blake turning toward Sheskey with a knife in his hand immediately prior to the shooting. That officer said he too would have opened fire but did not have a clear angle, according to the lawyer,” CNN added. “Authorities have said Blake had a knife in his possession and the weapon was found on the floorboard of the vehicle.”

Attorney General William Barr said earlier this month that Blake “was in the midst of committing a felony and he was armed” when he was shot by law enforcement.


The Blake case is a fraud. Do you know how easy it is and how quick it is to shoot off 7 shots? Blake, the accused rapist, was armed and kidnapping a child.

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