CNN can’t bring in the viewers of an average blog


Throughout the summer, breaking news brought up every network’s viewership except CNN’s.

As Fox News reported, there is the migrant crisis, the pandemic, growing inflation, the tragic Surfside condo building collapse, fake infrastructure spending on Capitol Hill, the overturned conviction of Bill Cosby, the resignation of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

CNN, the ‘most trusted name in news, tried to destroy FoxNews. They should have tried to be more trustworthy instead.

Over the course of 92 days, CNN failed to reach 1 million viewers on 53 of them, roughly 58% of the summer, according to Nielsen data. The network averaged just 603,000 in total day viewership, a staggering 42% decrease from Summer 2020, Fox News reported.

At one point this summer, CNN suffered a 13-day stretch without ever reaching 1 million viewers throughout the entire day from July 28 through August 9.

CNN’s primetime lineup, which provides the network’s most-watched programming, went a whopping 80 out of 92 days below 1 million viewers, a devastating 87% of the time and marking over a 50% drop from last year, the outlet reports.

“Cuomo Prime Time,” CNN’s most-watched show, average a measly 948,000 viewers from June through August, falling below 1 million viewers over two-thirds of the time whenever anchor Chris Cuomo was on-air, which is a 50% decrease from the 1.9 million viewers he averaged a year ago.

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