CNN Gadfly Chris Cuomo Churns Up Hysteria About Shooting Migrants


Far-left CNN host Chris Cuomo churned up the border hysteria in an interview with Rick Santorum and Ken Cuccinelli. He’s not alone, all the networks are doing it, but his was the most noteworthy.

Chris Cuomo suggested that the administration wants the military to randomly shoot at migrants in the caravan.

“You can send the National Guard if you had to send people who were armed. Why isn’t the Border Patrol enough,” Cuomo began.

“Rick, if you put military down there, we know what the god forbid is in this situation. And then how does it play,” Cuomo continued. “How is that good for anybody if — because you’re not going to turn away thousands and thousands of people, even if people start getting shot. And what message does that send? Who wins in that?”

The reason it is not enough is there aren’t enough Border Patrol agents. They need help. These invaders wil break up as they near the border. Then they will pour in at several locations where Border Patrol is vulnerable.

Many of us are skeptical that this invasion will be stopped but it is an invasion and the people coming in are mostly men from the most dangerous statist countries in the world, countries that have porous borders. They have allowed terrorists to come through their borders and set up shop.


There is no doubt that if the military goes to the border, people will worry there will be a serious confrontation and there could be.

However, the military won’t be there to shoot people. Once foreigners step foot on U.S. soil, the law requires the United States to take them in. The military will try to form a line to keep them back and do nothing differently from Border Patrol.

The military could use water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, and other types of offensive weapons, but how many invaders will be turned away? It looks like they intend to just march through and we don’t even have the facilities to detain them, leaving them free to roam the interior.

In any case, the military won’t have orders to shoot anyone just as the National Guard didn’t have orders to shoot anyone unless it’s a case of self-defense or defense of others.

So, what else can we do when an army of fighting-age men are marching from dangerous, communist countries to invade the United States? Fourteen thousand or however many there are now can do tremendous damage to our country, even if it’s only to influence our politics.

If we don’t stop them, it will keep getting worse.


The USA has also let the terrorists in to set up shop. The former person-in-charge in the U.S. has been trying to sound the alarm. No one is listening.

Iranian-Backed Terror Sleeper Cells ‘Hibernating’ in the US Are Poised to Attack

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