DC Mayor organizes the mob as she kicks out the guard


”It’s our expectation that until soldiers are called home, we don’t think that soldiers should be in the nation’s capital patrolling or policing streets. We’ve made that formal request to the White House.”


Muriel Bowser during the far-left Women’s March

Muriel Browser painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ in enormous letters down a main street and named a street after Black Lives Matter. BLM is a radical, communist, anti-police group.

Mayor Browser also told the D.C. police to stand down, ended the declared state of emergency, and canceled the contract that pays for national guard housing which led to the guard being kicked out of the hotels.

She demanded the national guard leave the Capital.

At the same time, the Mayor is helping to organize the far-left mobs she is inviting in as she pretends she’s improving things for the million-person mass protests against the White House this weekend.


p data-adtags-visited=”true”>Every left-wing group is expected. All the communist Resistance groups are there or will be. The President had to cancel his weekend golf. Looks like a setup.

The media is cleansing the violent, racist group, but they’re still violent and dangerous.

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