CNN Has Ratings Lower Than South Park Reruns


It appears the dazzling strategy of imploring sexual predators to promulgate cancel culture, encouraging Don Lemon to call everyone he disagrees with a racist, and the coup de grâce of the corpulent Brian Stelter shrieking health advice has backfired.

~ Ty Lemmon, Barstool Sports

CNN bottomed out last week and people wonder how low their ratings can go. They didn’t even average half a million viewers in a day. It’s their lowest ratings in eight years.

Fox News reports, CNN managed to scrape 444,000 total day viewers from Feb. 7 – 13, a low not seen since 2015.

Even in primetime, CNN couldn’t top half a million viewers, averaging just 491,000.

By way of comparison, Tucker Carlson registered an average of 3.5 million viewers in the same slot.

CNN can’t compete with Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, South Park Reruns, and The Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo.

The network’s morning show, New Day averaged only 363,000 viewers, a truly terrible number.

CNN has lost 90 percent of its viewers in the past year.

Brian Stelter keeps complaining that people like Joe Rogan have larger viewership and are trusted more than their so-called trusted network. If he could only see how dishonest he looks in his reporting and commentary.

The country is in serious trouble and we’re not getting the news.

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