Evil! Ottawa Police Chief, Mayor, Trudeau Lied, Arrest People in Hotels, to Sell Confiscated Trucks


Ottawa Police appear to be arresting people in their hotels and near the Forbidden Zone. The Chief lied along with many others, including Trudeau. They said the truckers were free to go if they left the area. So they moved out of the area and then the Gestapo, Nazi Thugs went after them anyway.

Authoritarian Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has praised the police action and arrests. With the demonstrations cleared, he told state media that trucks, campers, and vehicles seized from the protesters should be sold off, claiming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial emergency powers allow him to do so. The PM ordered tow truck companies to tow the vehicles under threat of imprisonment.

These dirtbags stole the trucks over a protest and now they’re going to sell them. There is no question they will make examples of the protesters as the US has with the J6ers, only there were no riots during these protests.

The Canadians might let this happen without resistance. That is the point of the fear-invoking deterrents put in place. Families of truckers already face having their accounts shut down. The Trudeauites plan to leave the people imprisoned and/or destitute.

Also, it seems a lot of Canadians are all for these abusive tactics. They will rue the day.

This is The Great Reset.

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