CNN host asks Surgeon General if Fox is killing people


CNN’s Dana Bash asked Surgeon General Vivtek Murthy if conservative sites like Fox are killing people because of alleged misinformation.

There is no exaggeration too big for CNN.

Murthy is just as bad. He said, “My worry is that all of this is misinformation that’s floating around, it’s having a real cost that can be measured in lives lost and that is just tragic.”

You know what else kills people – lockdowns and masks on a two-year-old. People are traumatized, killing themselves, taking drugs over it.

If they want to stop misinformation, they should start with Jen Psaki.

Check the VAERS site. It’s perfectly reasonable to resist if you are not at risk.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It’s unreasonable to accept the poison under any circumstances. You are unable to cite a legitimate reason. The surgeon general quack uses adjective just like Fauci does, making it clear propaganda.

1 year ago

If anyone is responsible for killing anyone it’s the US Government. Remember it was Fauci who was funding the Gain of Function Research in the Wuhan Lab. So if anything, it was US Government incompetence that is in part responsible for killing over 3 million people. As long as there is a Bureaucrat Deep State the US Government is an enemy of the People and Democrats love the Deep State.

Comrade Kommissar of Sewers
Comrade Kommissar of Sewers
1 year ago

Page #11 –
All media companies and journalism schools are to train personnel to identify any information source that doesn’t conform to federal government “truth.”
Use only information, including graphics, that will keep public opinion in-line with what information the federal government is promoting.
Page #12 –
Change their technology software and hardware to ensure that any “misinformation” is identified and suppressed.
Identify all users who dissent from federal government propaganda and make that information available to all government personnel, government compliant media sources, and government approved academic personnel.
Penalize anyone and everyone who the federal government has identified as “repeat offenders” of misinformation.
Identify misinformation and move to counter that content with an overwhelming amount of content that is compliant with federal government propaganda.
Promote media sources of complaint information over dissenting sources.
Protect cooperative federal government media sources from any information that would challenge or discredit them.
Page #14 –
The promotion of extensive private funding towards any and all organizations that promotes federal government propaganda.
Page #15 –
Directs all levels of government to comply with the federal government propaganda promotion program, including the promotion of all compliant sources and the penalization of all dissenting speech and sources.


The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The propaganda program underway dwarfs Goebbels. This is what should be written about.

Job is My Favorite Book
Job is My Favorite Book
1 year ago

Blow your worry out of your ass comrade Pahjeet Vivtek, czar of misinformation.
Catching up on various podcasts and the Americans are done with the Kung-Flu.
Numbers don’t lie across all demographics and poll samples.
This is on various pods like Dilbert and late night AM radio geared for truckers.
Trust and belief in all institutions is at a terminally low level, these things happen when Long Marching to burn it all down.
Did anyone ask the comrades what their plan B is when the reset doesn’t go as smoothly as a light switch flick?