Danger of American Marxism: promising heaven, delivering Hell


Pete Hegseth interviewed Mark Levin on Sunday’s Fox show, ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin.’ The following is an excerpt with the full interview to be aired this evening.

“Marxism promises heaven and delivers Hell,” Pete Hegseth said, asking Mark Levin why it keeps coming back.

Joe Biden is a Marxist Democrat Party figurehead. He is nothing more than a useful idiot to force the ideology into our culture and our government. Biden talked about his election being a battle for the soul of America. It truly is and he’s Lucifer signing us up for a lifetime of Hell. There is no more inhumane system than socialism/communism of the type the American Marxists are pushing.

Hegseth and Levin discuss Biden, Marxism and the type of person who adheres to this deadly, inhumane ideology.

Levin also asks who are all these people who can’t vote. “I don’t know where all these people are who couldn’t vote? Where are they? What are their names, where are their lawsuits?”


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1 year ago

Don’t be stupid enough to fall for the commie line of BS. You have been warned.

Kulak Beet Field Collective
Kulak Beet Field Collective
1 year ago

Hell is a feature and not a bug for the Satanic Marxist inversion.
Utopia distractions are to lull the dullard useful idiots to their doom.
I say enjoy the fall off of the cliff edge and get a cool selfie.
This just in from Thelma & Louise-yeee haaww!

1 year ago

Levin is an American Patriot !
His book, “American Marxism” lays out the who and how.
“Tavistock Institute” by Estulin lays out where it came and the PTB.