CNN Hosts Can’t Figure Out Trump’s Tweets, One in Particular


CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Jim Acosta admitted on air this week that they were befuddled by a Trump tweet. Between them they apparently couldn’t figure it out. The irony in the tweet was lost on them.

We have some irony for you. These two do understand all the late night comics’ nasty jokes mocking the President, his cabinet and his supporters. But they can’t understand this.

Anderson said, “I honestly do not know what that means” after he played a clip of Kellyanne Conway explaining the tweet in question was irony. Acosta couldn’t help the confused Cooper out and said, Trump and his team are not on the “same planet”.

Taking them at their word that they don’t understand, one can only conclude they are unable to think critically.

The tweet they are referring to is the one in which Trump joked that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein told him to fire Comey. The President tweeted, “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.”

They don’t understand anything imprecise

While Rosenstein isn’t directly investigating Trump insofar as we know, Rosenstein hired a Special Counsel to investigate. That counsel is Robert Mueller, who is a friend, a “brother-in-arms” of Jim Comey’s.

Mueller has in turn hired a lot of attorneys, some of whom who are tied to Hillary and who appear to be in search of a crime for which there is no evidence. Even pencil-neck Adam Schiff admitted there is no evidence.

It’s not legal to go on fishing expeditions but our government is possibly going to do it anyway.

The investigating attorneys are possibly trying to rewrite law. The law of intent is one law they might like to change.

At least one of them, a Hillary donor, has done so in the past. Michael Dreeben put 4 people in prison for what he thinks they thought.

The four were later exonerated because of Dreeben’s probable misconduct. Dreeben used an extremely broad definition of “intent”, putting Dreeben in the category of mind reader hoping to criminalize thought.

The other thing the two CNN hosts don’t understand is how Trump can say he’s being investigated but one of his attorneys says he’s not.

As Jay Sekulow said on Fox News Sunday, no one has told the Trump legal team he is being investigated. Sekulow said they deal only in facts, not conjecture.

Trump’s tweet was obviously referring to the news stories and the 24/7 pundit parade of Trump haters on cable and network TV.

This is apparently beyond the understanding of these two dopes.

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