CNN Leftist Says No One Corroborating Ford’s Story Is Proof It’s True


“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;”

CNN’s Jake Tapper addressed the accusations made by Professor Blasey Ford during a panel discussion this Sunday on State of the Union.

Leftist Jennifer Granholm said the evidence it’s untrue shows it’s true.

“We now have four individuals who have come forward who were named by Professor Ford…and all four…have all said they don’t remember anything like this ever happened,” Tapper said.

Far-left Jennifer Granholm said, “Right. And that actually corroborates Ford’s story which is that she was so horrified by this that she kind of snuck out or slunk out of this apartment that no one would know what happened because she was so mortified.”

These leftists can say anything and get away with it. No one calls them out and the media is fully corrupt.

Watch this short clip of doublespeak:

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