Seven Reasons Kavanaugh’s Latest Accuser Looks Like an Utter Fraud


Another woman has come forward as we reported to allege Judge Kavanaugh assaulted her in a drunken state in his Freshman year at Yale.

1. She conveniently remembered the incident — just like Mrs. Blasey — after discussing it for six days with her attorney, a former Democrat Attorney General.

“In her initial conversations with The New Yorker, she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty. After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough…”

Her attorney is Stanley Garnett, the former Boulder Attorney General — a Democrat — who was contacted by senate aides in her home state of Colorado.

Ramirez identified two male onlookers but The New Yorker is not identifying them and they must.

2. People who were actually there did not confirm her story to The New Yorker.

The man Ramirez mentions as egging Kavanaugh on said he doesn’t remember that and doesn’t believe Brett would do that. The other classmate who was present has “zero” memory of that. A wife of a third male student and three other classmates deny her story.

In a statement, two of those male classmates who Ramirez alleged were involved the incident, the wife of a third male student she said was involved, and three other classmates, Dino Ewing, Louisa Garry, and Dan Murphy, disputed Ramirez’s account of events: “We were the people closest to Brett Kavanaugh during his first year at Yale. He was a roommate to some of us, and we spent a great deal of time with him, including in the dorm where this incident allegedly took place. Some of us were also friends with Debbie Ramirez during and after her time at Yale. We can say with confidence that if the incident Debbie alleges ever occurred, we would have seen or heard about it—and we did not. The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett. In addition, some of us knew Debbie long after Yale, and she never described this incident until Brett’s Supreme Court nomination was pending.

One man claims to have heard it was Kavanaugh. Whoever the man is bases his claim on gossip more than 34 years old.

3. Ramirez is a social justice Democrat.

Buried in the article: Ramirez is a registered Democrat, but said that her decision to speak out was not politically motivated and, regarding her views, that she “works toward human rights, social justice, and social change.” Ramirez said that she felt “disappointed and betrayed” by the statements from classmates questioning her allegation, “because I clearly remember people in the room whose names are on this letter.”

4. Also buried in the article: The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party. 
5. Deborah Ramirez’s best friend says Ramirez never told her about this incident and “suggested that Ramirez may have been politically motivated.” From the article:

“This is a woman I was best friends with. We shared intimate details of our lives. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up. I didn’t see it; I never heard of it happening.” She said she hadn’t spoken with Ramirez for about ten years, but that the two women had been close all through college, and Kavanaugh had remained part of what she called their “larger social circle.”  In an initial conversation with The New Yorker, she suggested that Ramirez may have been politically motivated.

6. People who knew Deborah Ramirez after Yale say she never described this incident until Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination was pending… …after she spent 6 days with her Democratic lawyer going over her memory. From the article:

In addition, some of us knew Debbie long after Yale, and she never described this incident until Brett’s Supreme Court nomination was pending. Editors from the New Yorker contacted some of us because we are the people who would know the truth, and we told them that we never saw or heard about this.”

7.  couldn’t find anyone to corroborate her story.

The New York Times had interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story, and could find no one with firsthand knowledge. Ms. Ramirez herself contacted former Yale classmates asking if they recalled the incident and told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.

That too was buried deep into the NY Times article, but, to their credit, it didn’t even pass their smell test.

The media is a complete disgrace. This never should have been published and is not supported by the facts. They would destroy a man for far-left ideology.

Judge Kavanaugh issued the following statement about his latest accusers.

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