CNN panels’ thrilled so few “white men” were at the DNC Wednesday


A CNN panel last night was thrilled that so few “white men” appeared during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Wednesday night.

The following is an example of vicious racism and sexism now promoted by the left.

Talking head Ana Navarro was pleased to see so few white speakers during Wednesday’s broadcast of the DNC.

“Actually, today with David [Axelrod] and John[Berman] is the first time I see a white man like in eight hours. You know? Other than Joe Biden last night and that’s okay. They have had 240 years of representation. They’re going to be okay. Last night was about telling people who have felt unseen, we see you. You are here. You are part of this table. And I thought it was inclusive,” she said.

Navarro told CNN’s David Gregory, as she interrupted him mid-speech, that “white men are highly overrated.”

A separate CNN panel consisting of Don Lemon, Angela Rye, Chris Cuomo, and Paul Begala also celebrated the idea that white men were largely left out from calls in the DNC’s Wednesday lineup, NewsBusters reports.

“Correct me if I’m wrong because I had to go to work tonight, and I did miss a little of it. Were there any white men who spoke tonight?” Lemon said.

Begala said: “Well, you know, Joe Biden kind of wandered in. For a little while at the end of Kamala’s speech. But I don’t think so.”

“No. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. It was just women and mostly women of color. Or women and a woman of color,” Lemon replied.

Begala added: “48 vice presidents in a row. We’re 48-0 over a 230-year span. So, if we are going to even have equality, that means no more white men until the year 2251?”

Lemon explained that doesn’t mean “no white men.” [we can have tokens!]

This racism is allowed.




  1. Ana, Don, etc., why are you even acknowledging Cuomo, Bergala, David Gregory, David Axelrod etc. They are white men,supremacists, privileged and racist by the color of their skin can you explain that??

  2. The lack of logic on the left is staggering. If the white man, who is the majority in this country, was not there…where do they think he was? More importantly, who then is he going to vote for? The minority of the minority vote (alphabet twits, BLM communists and antifa) are not going to win you anything.

  3. Yet the knuckleheads from CNN missed the point that they were there to cheer on the candidacy of an “Old White Man.” How do they even have the wisdom and discernment to dress themselves in the morning?

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