CNN Poll Finds Only 26% Think a Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration Is a Top Priority


A new CNN/ORC poll finds that 60% say government’s top priority in dealing with illegal immigration should be developing a plan to allow those in the U.S. illegally who have jobs to become legal residents with an eventual path to citizenship.

The real kicker, however, is only 26% say developing a plan to stop illegal border crossings should be the top priority.

Of the 26% who don’t seem to think open borders is a priority, 13% were Democrats, 26% Independents, and 41% Republicans.

That suggests Americans are okay with open borders or, in the least, have a lackadaisical attitude towards illegal immigration. It could be that respondents are more concerned about problems in the economy and jobs but open borders adds to those problems.

Next is the actual first question asking about legal residency for people here illegally and development of a plan to stop illegal immigration.

This was a telephone poll, the least accurate of polls.

Fortunately, Americans are still interested in deporting criminal aliens according to this poll but the majority are afraid deportation will go too far.

If this is accurate, Americans don’t understand the threat of drug cartels and terrorists, to say nothing of the importance of sovereignty.

The poll has a + or – 3 percentage point margin of error while the results by political party can be off by 6 percentage points.

This could also be fake news. It is CNN.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

In my humble opinion, this CNN poll is pure bull u-kno-what.

Were this the case, Donald Trump would not currently be our president…it WAS and IS one of his initiatives which the MAJORITY of Americans LOVE about him.

We all know how reliable the election polls were. And that among the many things about President Trump which will continue to frustrate and confound all conventional wisdom and prognostications. Mr. Trump defies all which was the holy grail of politics… something else we LOVE about him.

In time, President Trump will have some real facts and figures regarding illegal ALIENS in this country. No, they are not immigrants. We will get a more realistic figure of how many since politicians and the media has been telling us 11 millions since the late 1990’s. And we will learn the more significant cost to tax payers (far exceeds 1 TRILLION per year)… and the OUTRAGEOUS numbers of American citizens who are being victimized by these illegal aliens.

6 years ago

As someone once said, a poll merely reflects what the media has been covering. As a crisis develops and the non-stop coverage ensues then public opinion will also call it a crisis.