CNN Put a Gag Order on Trump’s Campaign Pre-Debate


On his primetime Fox News show, Jesse Watters reported that CNN issued a gag order against the Trump campaign before the presidential debate. This is unheard of, but we are in a new era where politicians and media hacks can cancel Americans’ free speech rights.

The CNN debate moderators are Trump haters:
Here’s Tapper calling Donald Trump “Hitler.”

“CNN just slapped a gag order on the Trump campaign, days before the debate,” Watters said.

“We knew Trump’s mic would be muted during the debate, but we didn’t know his campaign’s mic would be muted before it. You can go on CNN and lie about Trump, Russia, call Republicans racist, Nazis, but you can’t say Tapper’s biased. If Jake’s not biased, why is he celebrating Trump losing?” Watters questioned.

“They’re not only gagging the Trump campaign but also feeding Biden tips,” he added, suggesting a double standard in the treatment of the presidential candidates.

They won’t let Fox News rebroadcast, and they are threatening anyone who fact-checks.

CNN is now threatening any social channels that provide commentary on the debate, stating they will not allow the use outside of CNN. Commentary on a presidential debate is the epitome of fair use, and we fully intend to provide insight and real-time fact-checking on Thursday LIVE.

Here is an example of how they will treat Donald Trump:

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