Tommy Robinson Arrested In Canada Over Immigration


Tommy Robinson, a controversial British free speech and anti-radical Islam activist, was arrested in Calgary, Canada, following a speech he gave at an event. The arrest was reportedly due to an outstanding immigration violation.

Robinson visited the country for a podcast talk in front of 150 people with an outlet called Rebel News to talk about “freedom of speech” and “lawfare” and his battles with British police.

He was expected for more podcast appearances in Edmonton and Toronto on a “three-city tour.”

Rebel News hired a lawyer for him to secure his release. He is free but cannot leave the country to return to his home in England. Robinson can’t give his scheduled speeches in Edmonton and Toronto. He is waiting for a hearing, but they didn’t say when the hearing would take place.

Robinson said he is held on immigration violations.

As Robinson mentioned, Canada’s borders are open; is this arrest normal? The federal police said he is a potential national security threat. This arrest isn’t by the local Calgary police; it’s federal.

Calgary is a great place, perhaps the freest in Canada.

His speech was on FREE SPEECH, and he received a standing ovation.

Robinson’s arrest was reportedly based on “suspicions of immigration violations.” This is from a country that allows anyone in, including radical Islamists.

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