CNN really wants to pack the court


CNN is so desperate to pack the court that they brought in this guest, a nobody who runs a progressive center called the Palm Center. He says he’s a professor and he’s very concerned about diversity in the military, meaning sexual preferences.

The man falsely claims it’s blowing up the democracy to follow the Constitution and fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. He is also under the impression that the Court blew up voter rights.

The guest is stupidly claiming that filling a vacancy is ‘packing.’ These people don’t know the definition of the word ‘packing.’

He talks about dark money when they have George Soros and David Brock’s dark money.

Along with CNN, he is trying to make an argument for blowing up the Constitution. He wants maybe 18 on the court, whatever it takes to get their agenda. Once they get the court to resemble a leftist legislative body, they will decide what to do. This fool thinks you’re stupid. We know they will dump Heller as soon as possible.

Watch if you can stand it. This is the pablum the network feeds their viewers daily:



  1. Das Radio reported 29 times that a judge was nominated during an election year with preezys of the steezy with an R or D after their name.
    You mean like packing some Bleachbit cloths into a server box?
    The CPUSA is Wiley Coyote and even if they do make a mockery of SCOTUS somehow it will backfire on them.
    Donald Trump is the CEO of ACME Incorporated.

  2. This whack job just wants some free publicity. Watch and see if he doesn’t start pushing a book. People like this need to be studied.

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