Stunning interview on Australian TV Sky News about Hunter’s laptop


The interview with Sky News is a stunner if accurate. We just don’t know but there is enough here to make it a legitimate news story. You decide after watching it. More information is coming out soon from multiple news sources so expect this to be one rocky week.

One America News interviewed Steve Bannon who was allegedly brought in to the Hunter Biden laptop case by Rudy Giuliani because of his knowledge of foreign affairs and of how to release delicate information.  I’m not sure about Bannon. He better be right.

The very reliable reporter Adam Houseley believes the laptop is real.

In any case, Bannon is very involved in the release of the material on the alleged Hunter Biden laptop.

Bannon was recently charged with fraud and had been arrested on a Chinese billionaire’s yacht. He says he is innocent and we only mention it because it’s all over social media.

Bannon said the information coming out is stunning. He said it’s a massive national security issue. He doesn’t know how Biden could get a security clearance.

As he said, the Bidens have not disavowed the laptop. What stunned him was the open greed of the Bidens who asked for $10 million dollars cash money for introductions with the potential to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bannon and others have examined this laptop for two months and Murdoch’s team verified it as much as possible.

Biden has said he knew nothing about any of this. Fox News went to the people on the emails and one of the men on the email said it’s all true and ‘my guy,’ who was to get 10% of the equity, is Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has said for years that he knew nothing of China ties to his family and that makes him a ‘stone-cold liar’ if this is true.

The interviewer asked Bannon about the Twitter ban of all Hunter laptop information. Bannon said social media has created a crisis. Twitter won’t let the NY Post into their own Twitter site unless they delete all the Hunter Biden article links.

The NY Post was founded by Alexander Hamilton and owned by one of the most powerful moguls in the world. It is one of the largest and oldest newspapers in the country.

The lawyer for Hunter Biden has been pleading for the hard drive back. Bannon says he has proof of this.

The American elite are trying to make it into a Russian conspiracy. Hopefully, this is not a total fraud. The Russia narrative sounds insane.

That being said, here’s his remarkable interview with Australian TV:
Bannon calling for these intel agencies to be stripped echoes Rep. Nunes’ recent comments:

This evening, Rudy Giuliani will speak with Mark Levin on Life, Liberty, and Levin about the possible exposé to come.

Another interview on OANN:

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