CNN: The 1st & Possibly Only Trump Case to Be Tried Pre-Election


NYU Law Professor Ryan Goodman joined Erin Burnett on Outfront Friday evening to discuss the court cases against Donald Trump.

As we reported on Friday, Judge Chutkan delayed Donald Trump’s March 4 trial indefinitely as the judge awaits a decision on Trump’s immunity appeal. “This is good news for Trump,” Goodman said.

NYU Professor Ryan Goodman, screenshot

It looks like the case might not be heard at all until after the election. That isn’t a certainty, but it’s looking more likely.

The case in Georgia is far from ready, given questions about the District Attorney’s behavior in the case.

Professor Goodman believes it is most likely that the most political, weakest case in Manhattan is the one that will be tried first. It’s the hush money case with congenital liar Michael Cohen as the main witness. He has already been convicted of lying.

Professor Goodman would “bet his money” on that being the first and “maybe only case brought before the election.” ”

It’s another windfall.”

You can watch the segment at 32:00 on the mark on this link.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
25 days ago

The only way Trump benefits is by admissions that the charges were all false, and merely attempts of Democrat political activists to embarrass him politically and wrongfully influence the voters.