BBC Employee Rants: Whites Are a ‘Virus,’ Jews ‘Nazi Parasites,’ Amerikkka, UKKK


The British Broadcasting Corporation has yet another certifiable anti-white, anti-Semitic employee. This one beats all. She used to be a Disney employee and worked for A&E and UKTV. Her name is Dawn Queva, and she is the Senior Scheduling Coordinator and Playout Planner at BBC Three. It’s the BBC youth channel, ages 16 to 34.

The new BBC find also goes by the name Dawn Las QuevasAllen. She’s another oppressed minority lashing out at all of us oppressors. Dawn is so oppressed that she keeps getting high-paying jobs many of us would die to have.

The British Bolshevik Corporation sure can pick ’em.


According to Deadline, she calls the UK, the bigoted UKKK, refers to the holohoax, calls Jewish people Nazi apartheid parasites, and white people a virus. America is the KKK, and Americans are squatters on stolen land.

Dawn also said Samuel Kasamu (PM’s former ethnic minority advisor) was a “buck dancing house slave.”

The woman is a lunatic leftist demon.

The New York Post noted Queva also repeatedly took aim at white people, to whom she referred as a “virus” and a “mutant invader species.” The Telegraph reported in another update, she wrote that white people were a “barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed.”

White people don’t have melanin, which is why we’re so inferior. To be precise, “White Europeans are “melanin recessive parasites.”

She’s perfectly serious. Seemingly, in response to people’s negative reactions to her bizarre and hateful comments, she wrote, “Only those who live a lie hate the truth!”

She has a slew of conspiracy threads and spreads them around WhatsApp after October 7; just search her name on X.

Why would they hire her? What is the atmosphere like at the BBC? She’s so crazy, she’s almost funny. Newsbusters has more.

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20 days ago

I can’t blame nonwhites bashing whites seeing the how the whites run away in tears.
That just encourages the malignant subspecies.

Last edited 20 days ago by AmpJam
1 day ago
Reply to  AmpJam

Well, it is the UK. Second only to Scandinavia in their WOKEness.

20 days ago

Its the BBC what do you expect. I note this bitch isn’t going to her home country which is a racial paradise. Ever notice that about all these racist lefturds. All can’t wait to be welfare parasites in a Western nation and then denounce it.

Civilized nations won’t permit the entry of these mongrels.