CNN Tries to Fix the Unfixable, Fox Moves Left


CNN has been failing, and last week The Atlantic wrote a nasty piece about CEO Chris Licht, claiming employees didn’t have confidence in him.

Mr. Licht is leaving, and David Leavy, Warner Bros. Discovery’s chief corporate affairs officer, will take his place, Puck News reported.

“In the last 48 hours, it has become clear, based on conversations with well-placed sources, that Zaslav’s once steadfast support has wavered considerably. On Wednesday, Licht informed his direct reports that he would be ceding control of all business operations to David Leavy, the chief corporate affairs officer at Warner Bros. Discovery and a longtime member of the Zaslav brain trust. The move, which Licht characterized as his own decision, was in fact an unequivocal vote of diminishing confidence by the parent co in Licht’s ability to manage a business that has endured substantial ratings declines, revenue losses, and reputational damage since he took over,” the report said.

Who can bring that network back with the employees they have? Poor Mr. Leavy.

Fox News is also flailing.

Steve Hilton’s show is canceled, Business Insider reported. Mr. Hilton said goodbye on Twitter.

His show was very conservative. Maybe they’re cleaning house.

Trey Gowdy’s Sunday Night in America will move to 9 PM/ET,” the network said in the press release. Fox is pushing the RINO.

“We are excited to launch a new dynamic weekend line-up that will further solidify our position as the number one cable news network for more than two decades. We thank Steve Hilton for his show’s contributions and look forward to continuing to feature his valuable insights across our daytime and primetime programming,” Senior Vice President of The Five & Weekend Programming Megan Albano said.

A recent report shows that about 1 million viewers stopped watching after Fox booted Tucker Carlson.

The Epoch Times reports:

In the four weeks before Carlson left the network, Fox News’ primetime hours averaged some 2.6 million total viewers. But in the four weeks after his departure, those hours are down to just 1.6 million viewers, a decline of 39 percent, according to an analysis from Mediaite.

The 8 p.m. hour that Carlson used to have also declined significantly, according to ratings. Carlson had averaged some 3.2 million viewers in the weeks before he left, but the replacement show—”Fox News Tonight”—is down to 1.49 million viewers on average.

Fox is still No. 1, but that’s because the others are doing so badly. Cable TV is on its way out and was even before Tucker was taken off the air. Fox has been on a suicidal mission. They report negative news about LGBT events all day and then dedicate segments to lauding LGBT personalities. They’re between ideologies.

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