CNN’s Tapper & Gupta Blast Cuomo for his Terrible COV response


Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta actually reported honestly about the abysmal job Governor Cuomo has done in handling the virus. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience so we did need to post it.


Jake Tapper actually called Cuomo out for his victory tour in which he praised his success with a bizarre poster making himself into a hero with no mention of all the help provided by the federal government.

Tapper said about the poster,”There are no depictions of dead New Yorkers, the highest death toll by far of any state. No rendering on that poster that Governor Cuomo ignored warnings, no depiction of the study that he could have saved thousands of lives had he and Mayor de Blasio acted sooner. No painting on the rendering of his since rescinded order that nursing homes take all infected patients in.”

Tapper played a clip of Governor Cuomo making an outrageous claim: “What we went through and what we did was historic because we did tame the beast. We did turn the corner. We did plateau that mountain. And then we came down the other side. And they will be talking about what we did dor decades to come.”

Cuomo came down the mountain with 32,000 bodies strewn all over it.

Tapper asked Sanjay Gupta to discuss it and Sanjay wasn’t any more congratulatory of Cuomo’s hill-climbing feat.



The New York governor’s pandemic-themed design was meant as a celebration of his efforts against coronavirus. There’s a mountain in the middle labeled “111 Days of Hell,” a rope around it labeled “Pulling Down the Curve Together,” a river marked with dollar signs and labeled “economy falls,” a plane captioned “Europeans,” a wind-blowing devil titled “winds of fear,” and overhead, a banner positioned above a rainbow that reads “love wins,” [oh good grief] as a sun smiles and a blonde man on a crescent moon says, “It’s just the flu.”

The poster is incoherent and childlike.

It’s a dated poster worthy of the worst leftists in 19th-century history. Meanwhile, COV is still a problem and at the same time, the city and state are mired in crime problems with castrated police. His no-bail reform has led to monsters being put right back on the streets after police put themselves in danger by arresting them.

Instead of AOC’s shoplifting, we see babies shot at parties, a man shot to death walking with his 4-year-old, gangs pouring onto the streets at night kicking cops, who are helpless to react.

Great job Andrew! You’re killing New Yorkers at a rate faster than any gang leader. That’s the history people will talk about, not your fabricated one — your lie immortalized in strange pictorial form.

As Cuomo unveiled his political propaganda piece, he said, ‘This is no time to get political.”


We should put that thing in the Louvre as a monument to narcissim and gall if we are ever allowed back into France, as one Twitter user suggested.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has done the worst job in the nation of handling the virus. Over 32,000 New Yorkers are dead and over 6500 nursing home residents are among those dead, in part, due to his disastrous policies. In fact, according to the New York Times, New York seeded the entire nation because the governor and mayor failed to act. Instead of acting on the concern, they were busy telling people the President overreacted by halting travel from China.

Now Cuomo is destroying the livelihoods of New Yorkers and the education and well-being of the children. At the same time, he is allowing criminals to tear up parts of New York. Because of his self-adulation campaign, he enjoys 70% popularity from unaware New Yorkers, if you can believe the polls.

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