CNN’s Tapper Tries Out Journalism Over Biden’s Brain Degeneration


CNN’s Jake Tapper came very close to sounding like a journalist during this interview with Chris Coons. He must at least have the pretense of knowing what is going on with Joe Biden. Clearly, Biden suffers from brain degeneration. Tapper asked a few probling questions, but Coons wasn’t biting.

Tapper attempted to get Coons to recognize there was a problem, but Coons answer to that is Uncle Joe had a “bad night,” and it has happened to all of us.

The pseudo-journalist then played a particularly concerning clip of Joe during a brain glitch event, with Biden covering for it by saying he was joking.

Coons’ answer was, “That doesn’t trouble me at all, Jake. Frankly, you can put up a dozen clips of me, of you, of anybody who’s on TV, who speaks publicly all the time, losing their train of thought, misstating who they’re about to introduce, not having a fluid moment.”

Then he tried to portray Donald Trump as worse, “saying nonsense.”


Coons won’t be the one to tell the truth about Uncle Joe. Coons started to say Trump lied constantly, but Tapper cut it off.

What they call lies is Donald Trump’s tendency to be imprecise at times. For example, he noted that the former Virginia governor said the doctor and the parents decide what to do about the baby after the birth. What the governor meant was clear, but the former president indicated it is what is done. Indeed, it is done all the time, and Barack Obama is the one who pushed to provide no care to an aborted baby born alive.

Anyway, no way far-left Coons is going to put his head on the chopping block. Besides, he knows Biden is only a figurehead. The ‘team’ is doing what he wants done.

Coons misrepresented job growth during the interview. Jobs, mostly government or low-paying jobs, are going overseas or to Mexico under Democrat policies, or immigrants get them.

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