Trump’s Legal Team Challenges the Hush Money Conviction


Jack Smith’s case is likely over. He might also be over as special counsel after Justice Thomas stated that he was likely appointed illegally. As for the hush money case, Trump’s attorneys challenged his conviction with Judge Merchan. They based the challenge on the Supreme Court immunity ruling. We all know how that will go with this partisan judge.

According to the NY Times, the challenge concerns the evidence the jury saw. They believe it should have been protected by presidential immunity.

Trump’s lawyers said the hush money verdict should be tossed because the jury saw evidence during the trial that they believe should have been protected by presidential immunity, according to a letter to Judge Juan Merchan.

The defense’s strategy to seek additional time to make their argument is a move that could significantly delay Trump’s sentencing, which is currently scheduled for July 11.

The defense team had invoked a presidential immunity argument previously but was unsuccessful. Judge Merchan said it fell outside presidential immunity.

According to the Times, the Judge might say it’s too late to entertain the motion.

The biased-left Times wrote:

The sentencing is likely to be the only moment of criminal accountability that the four-times indicted former president will face before Election Day when he hopes to reclaim the White House. Mr. Trump faces up to four years in prison but could receive probation on the convictions for falsifying business records — among the lowest level of felonies.

Do you think he will be imprisoned?

The Times added that in the Manhattan case, the district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, will eventually submit his recommendation to Justice Merchan, but it is unclear whether those legal papers will be public. Alvin Bragg ran his campaign on getting Donald Trump.

The Times concludes:

Imprisoning Mr. Trump could exacerbate the nation’s political divisions. Yet if Justice Merchan spares him, it could give the impression that the former president received special treatment. Mr. Trump’s front-runner status in the 2024 presidential campaign further compounds the judge’s dilemma, raising the prospect that his decision could shape the race and its outcome.

The judge, a former prosecutor who occasionally clashed with Mr. Trump and his lawyers, has several options at his disposal. Mr. Trump could face a few months in jail or several years in prison. But it’s just as likely that he won’t ever see the inside of a cell: There is no requirement that the judge impose time behind bars, and Justice Merchan could sentence him to home confinement or probation. He could also postpone any sentence until after the election, or after Mr. Trump serves his second term in office, should he be re-elected. A sitting president cannot be required to serve time.

What do you think?


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