CO Ruling Against Trump Threatens the Constitutional Republic


The Left has gone judge-shopping for partisans who would remove Trump from the ballot under the post-Civil War 14th Amendment, provision 3, because he allegedly incited an insurrection, something neither he nor anyone has been convicted of except in the court of far-left political opinion.

Out of seven Democrat justices in one of the bluest state Supreme Courts in the land, only four voted to pull Mr. Trump from the ballot. That exemplifies the absurdity of it.

Professor Turley stated it is a”chilling” decision and is “putting us on one of the most dangerous paths in US history.”

“The Colorado Supreme Court has handed down the most anti-democratic opinion in decades. Yet, these justices barred voters from being able to vote for their preferred candidate in the name of democracy. It is like burning down a house in the name of fire safety,” wrote George Washington constitutional expert Jonathan Turley.

“The Colorado Supreme Court has issued an unsigned opinion, making history in the most chilling way possible. A divided court barred Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 presidential ballot,” Professor Turley wrote in The Messenger.

The Threat to Our Constitutional Republic

As Turley said, J6 was “not an insurrection.” It was a “protest” that became a “riot,” not a “rebellion.”

The judges removed all the “fail safes” to come up with the decision. The only narrow path they had was to “dismiss Trump’s free speech implications based on political position and rhetoric,” and they did, Turley says.

“The result is an opinion that lacks any limiting principles. It places the nation on a slippery slope where red and blue states could now engage in tit-for-tat disqualifications. According to the Colorado Supreme Court, those decisions do not need to be based on the specific comments made by figures like Trump. Instead, it ruled, courts can now include any statements made before or after a speech to establish a ‘true threat’.”

Denver, USA – May 25, 2016: The main entrance of the Colorado Supreme Court building. A man is coming down the stairs.
Tom Fitton has reviewed the Colorado Supreme Court ruling and sees it as a serious threat to our Constitutional Republic.

“I have carefully reviewed the unprecedented Colorado Supreme Court opinion barring Trump from that state’s primary ballot. The brazenly partisan opinion is a full frontal attack on our constitutional republic that, if allowed to stand, could wreck our elections.

“The Democratic Colorado court majority opinion is an assault on the US Constitution, Colorado, and federal law, free and fair elections, basic due process, and the fundamental rights of tens of millions of Americans.

“Once again, President Trump’s civil rights are being violated by “politicians in robes” abusing the judicial powers entrusted to them by the public.

“The Democratic court majority, based solely on its partisan hatred of Trump, ruled to deprive countless Colorado voters who support Trump of the right to vote for the candidate of their choice for president. What an outrage!

“What has happened in Colorado would not be out of place in Russia, Iran, China, or Venezuela: a summary kangaroo court proceeding to lawlessly bar a disfavored political opponent from office.”

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