Coffee City Has One Police Officer for Every Five Residents


A little town in Texas called Coffee City has a population of 249, but they have 50 police officers. That’s one officer for every five residents. As residents said, “The police are everywhere. Why do we need so many?”

The reporter who filmed it and interviewed the people also got shots of the police cars going back and forth. They were everywhere.

They’ve collected over a million dollars in traffic fines in a year.

Over half of them have sketchy police records and were fired for all kinds of reasons. The chief explained that most of them were just let go because they got into political trouble with the bosses. He agreed that he hired a lot of officers, having quadrupled the numbers since he came into office.

I was wondering about the crime rate – it should be 0. It’s not. It’s 16.52 per thousand. I don’t know if any crimes were committed by the police.



There is an investigation.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 months ago

5000 traffic tickets in a year for 250 people that is 20 traffic ticket per person.

But since not everyone is of driving age, or even owns a car, it means the actual number of people who drive in that town is probably closer to only 150

That means those 150 people got 33 fines each.

That is a fine every 11 days…

Did someone travel in time and brought back the gestapo from WWII Germany or what ?

Something very very strange and very very wrong is going on in that town.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
2 months ago

Is this a station on “the drug highway’?