Damning Emails: Hunter’s Business Commingled with WH Business


NARA has admitted they have 5400 Biden pseudonym emails from his time as vice president. Why would he need aliases? Republicans are trying to get copies of the emails so they can find out why, but they have to sue for them.

At the same time, AFL has gained access to over 1,000 emails between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President from their lawsuit with NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration. NARA won’t voluntarily hand over documents as required by law, but they were quick to hound Donald Trump for his records.

“Hunter’s private business dealings commingled with the official business of the Obama White House. The sheer volume of emails exchanged between Hunter and his associates at Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President is telling in itself,” AFL wrote on Twitter.

In the following series of tweets, AFL explains what the find means. The emails show that Hunter’s company was fully involved with the White House. There was no wall between Hunter’s business and the White House business; everyone knew it except the American people. Joe Biden lied, and the media covered it up.

Just since AFL’s last release, NARA has processed another 861 emails sent or received between January 2011 and December 2013 that contained the name of Hunter Biden’s company — “Rosemont Seneca.”

The vast majority of these emails consisted of direct communications between Rosemont Seneca employees, including Hunter Biden, and the Office of the Vice President.

Joe Biden’s claim that there is an “absolute wall between the personal and private, and the government” is untrue.

The White House asserted executive privilege to withhold 200 emails in their entirety because “Release would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors.”

Emails obtained by AFL reveal the broad access Hunter Biden enjoyed to the official government channels while his father was Vice President.

Hunter Biden had free reign in directing the use of official government resources. Even though Hunter had no official role in the Obama-Biden Administration, he was intimately involved in planning for high-profile White House events, including the January 2011 China State Luncheon, the June 2011 State Arrival Ceremony for German Chancellor, the March 2012 United Kingdom State Dinner and Visit, the May 2013 Turkey State Luncheon, and the 2014 France State Dinner.

As an AFL investigation has previously uncovered, Hunter and his Rosemont Seneca business partner had been planning for the “China Lunch” months in advance.

Hunter Biden and his associates at Rosemont Seneca also frequently used the Biden name to gain access to the White House…

On December 18, 2013, lobbyist Doug Davenport reached out to Hunter’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, for last-minute tickets for a Christmas White House tour for his “guy from Apple.”

Even those familiar with Rosemont Seneca knew that they had unmatched access to the Obama-Biden White House.

Even though Eric Schwerin had no official government position, AFL’s investigation previously revealed the degree to which he intimately involved himself with official White House business and used the Biden name to gain unfettered access to the White House.

Rosemont Seneca directly contacted the Office of the Vice President to confirm the last-minute Christmas tour as a “Big favor for Hunter,” indicating that Hunter was using his access to the White House to benefit those involved with Rosemont Seneca.

On another occasion, Hunter asked specifically for a White House tour for his business associate at Third Point. Hunter and his associates were invested with Third Point, a hedge fund founded by Democratic billionaire donor Dan Loeb.

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that they were helping Dan Loeb and Third Point raise billions of dollars from China’s sovereign wealth fund, CIC.

The Rosemont Seneca team, at Hunter’s direction, reached out to the OVP correspondence director to obtain a letter for an associate. During this exchange, Hunter’s assistant at Rosemont Seneca welcomes the new White House staffer “to the team.”

These records further confirm that there was never a wall between the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden; in fact, there was extensive commingling between them.

Biden isn’t running the government, except into the ground, but he is able to sell us out.

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