Col MacGregor on the “Lunacy” of War with Russia and the New Focus on China


Tucker Carlson had Col. Doug MacGregor on his show last night after Sen. Lindsey Graham made the announcement that we should start shooting down Russian pilots after two jets downed our drone over the Black Sea. Some say Graham’s lunacy and recklessness are beyond the pale.

Tucker first showed the clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham calling for the US to shoot down Russian pilots.

We hope Lindsey joins the Ukraine infantry first if he’s going to send my family to Ukraine.



The Fox host began the segment by asking Col. MacGregor, “One of the very few people we trust that has been honest since the very beginning and taken a lot of abuse for it, where do you think this conflict stands tonight?”

Col. Doug MacGregor

“Well, the Ukrainians are being crushed. Even the Washington Post and the New York Times are now finally beginning to print the truth. Their casualties are horrific. We’ve effectively seen the Russians destroy three separate armies built by the Ukrainians, and everyone is beginning to wonder what’s really happening.

“The truth is coming out, that this war was not started by Russia. That Russia begged us not to try and drag Ukraine into NATO. We ignored Russia and Russia made it very clear that they were going to defend their national interest. All they wanted was neutrality for Ukraine.

The lunacy of the Ukraine War

“Americans know something else, and I think somebody said this a few years ago, it’s the economy stupid, and every Republican candidate understands that. And has to win the American people over. The people in Washington are worried about their donors. Republican candidates are worried about American voters.

Lindsey Graham’s lunacy is there for all to see, but will they?

Tucker Carlson

Tucker asked, “Well, I mean to see Lindsey Graham invoke Ronald Reagan who won the Cold War with the superior economy and not with tanks, that’s to ignore the fact that our banks are collapsing. How exactly do you think people like Graham and virtually every Republican senator with a few honorable exceptions, how do they think we’re going to afford a war against Russia and China simultaneously?”

Col. MacGregor

“Well, it’s unaffordable against Russia. You don’t have to lump China with the rest of them. It’s impossible. We are on the road to bankruptcy. The American people sense it. The bank bailouts are not going to happen as they did before.

“You know, the best thing I could think of is to say that Lindsey Graham and his peers in Washington they’re not channeling Ronald Reagan. They’re channeling the three stooges. The last thing Americans need is a war, no more political and military incompetence, ineptitude, corruption. They want an economy that works, and they’re not going to stand around and watch the financial system go under. They want real leadership not a cutout president.


Tucker asked, “If we actually followed Lindsey Graham’s advice and attacked the Russian Air Force and, of course, immediately became embroiled in a hot war with Russia, how long before you were arrested, would it be, do you think, for saying what you just did?”.

Col. Doug MacGregor on the Lunacy of War with Russia

“Oh, I don’t know, but I’m less concerned about that than the possibility that we would actually provoke a direct confrontation with the Russians. What have we already seen, Tucker, they’re ready to fight. They’re already partially mobilized. They’ll put millions of men into the field quickly.

“We’re not in a position to do that. We can’t even recruit for our armed forces. The leftists destroyed the United States Armed Forces. Who are we kidding? Our stocks that we’ve built up over years with ammunition and equipment, they’re exhausted. We haven’t even gone to war. This is lunacy, it is lunacy, and no one calls it out.”

Col. MacGregor Discusses the Switch to War with China

In this next clip, Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut are being blown to bits by artillery shells. A pro-regime paper says that if you go to the front, you have a 30 to 70 percent chance of survival. They’re not getting artillery support from their own side.

Russia believes the only way to win is to march to Poland. The danger is the war could spill into other neighboring nations.

Col. MacGregor thinks someone in DC could wake up since we are shifting the discussion to China. China isn’t looking for war, certainly not to the degree that we are hearing.

The Lunacy of Open Borders

They will change the subject or ignore Ukraine eventually as they did in Afghanistan and Vietnam. We will walk away and we’ll focus on China.

China isn’t doing anything to us. They are sending the ingredients to cartels. The way to stop that is to close the border.

Last year, 20,000 Russians crossed the US border last year. Where are they? It’s very unlikely that out of that 20,000, there weren’t agents working for Moscow.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

All they wanted was neutrality for Ukraine.”
The problem is that the snatching of the Crimea disproves that analysis.
I do agree they want buffer states. They have not forgotten Germans almost reaching Moscow. The need to feel they will have time to react to any land attack before it reaches their borders.
With the great weakening of the armed forces I agree that Lindsay is foolish and war would be stupid.
Unfortunately for the average Ukrainian their infrastructure is being destroyed and ther lved ones are dying in a hopeless war.

11 months ago

LG is “full of condensed horse manure!”