Col. Macgregor’s Alarming Analysis of the Israel War


Col. Macgregor told Judge Napolitano in an interview on Thursday that Hamas’s actions caused Israel to overreact, and everyone is turning against Israel. He thinks we’re headed down an abyss with Israel. This is Macgregor’s view, and we aren’t saying he’s right. It’s for you to decide.

He repeated his belief that the war in Ukraine is effectively over, and it has caused horrendous devastation.

Erdogan is holding public meetings with Iran, and that’s a message to the world. In terms of Netanyahu, he said he’s leveraging US power to distract Hezbollah while he dispatches Hamas.

Col. Macgregor is concerned that Netanyahu wants the US to use weapons of mass destruction on Israel’s enemies, and Lindsey Graham says much the same thing.

If Macgregor is right, and I don’t know that he is, then we are on a precipice.

Austin is also featured negatively in this clip.

Israel and the United States need to think about our survival and all that is at risk, Macgregor says.

He added that we’re not invincible, and unless there’s a strategic interest at stake, we mustn’t commit forces that can be defeated.

His sources say the US has special forces on the ground in Israel, and some have died. Macgregor said we’ve lost forces in Ukraine.

He said when Hezbollah attacks, the US will send in air power.

According to Macgregor, the whole thing is unraveling. He warns that the Turks could attack Israel. He also believes Mr. Sisi is weakening in Egypt, and the Brotherhood is aligned with the Turks.

I don’t know if Col. Macgregor is right, but people must hear all viewpoints. What do you think of Macgregor’s analysis?


In an interesting note, Hot Air has an article up saying that Jews are turning on Fox News as networks they thought were on their side turn against them.

Johnny Dollar is a Fox fan and blogger:

CORRECTION: I reported inaccurate numbers of the size of the US military. I apologize.

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