Colin Kaepernick Files a Grievance Against the NFL


Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL for collusion. He believes they are blacklisting him.He must feel entitled to because he is skilled, though his talent is waning.

It’s hard to imagine how he has a case since he left the 49ers, they didn’t fire him. He thought he’d do better as a free agent, although lawyers say it doesn’t preclude a collusion case.

At his age, it’s conceivable he would not be a starter Quarterback — he’d be a backup. Do people have to collude to know this unpopular Marxist agitator might not be worth the trouble for a backup?

The people protesting – rather viciously – on his behalf are Communists, Socialists, and other radicals of all sorts. His girlfriend is an anti-American radical. Listen to his supporter Linda Sarsour on this link as she blasts “white supremacy.”

Sports Illustrated has an article analyzing his chances. To break it down, he needs evidence and being better than QBs who were offered contracts doesn’t cut it. Teams can decide that someone younger and less trouble is of more value.

Racial insensitivity is also not a viable reason nor is being tied to Trump in any way a reason.

Arbitration isn’t that worrisome for the NFL and would most certainly lose on appeal in Federal court if he loses the arbitration. If he wins, he wins millions, but it has to be by the preponderance of the evidence. It’s not likely he has that.

The NFL doesn’t have a history of collusion as baseball does.

One funny note is the media, like the Newsday print edition, have been posting photos of him morphed into a Jesus-like image, like the one below.

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