College apologizes for letting police use their restrooms


The Berklee College of Music’s Public Safety Department took to Facebook to apologize for allowing Boston Police to use the restrooms at the Berklee Performance Center on Sunday night after peaceful protests at the State House. [They weren’t peaceful as most people now know]

That is correct, not satire, you heard that right. The officers who go out every day, with targets on their back, to protect people they don’t even know, people of all races and creeds, are this hated by Democrats.

The ‘hate cops’ mantra was begun and continued by Democrats with Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a neighbor, and Michael Brown in Ferguson, who was killed in a justifiable homicide. That mantra was furthered by then-president Obama and his Attorney General as well as Hillary Clinton and ever prominent Democrat.

It continued with accidental killings and the unfortunate, but not murderous death of Freddie Gray.

It is now off the rails once again because of the murder of Mr. George Floyd. You can’t mention that he took a lethal dose of drugs and was a criminal who fought with police prior to then-officer Derek Chauvin murdering him. Three officers with Chauvin did not intervene.

All police are now bad and any form of enforcement is not acceptable. Looting, burglaries, extortion, and other crimes are deemed non-violent and not prosecuted in blue cities. Criminals who commit some rather serious crimes in New York City are set free with no bail. Some, many, have immediately returned to crime, including murder.


Berklee in Boston is now really, really sorry they let the police who were trying to protect people during riots use their facilities. The college administration is very weak. They’re sorry because “many” loons were “hurt” and “angry” that they allowed it.

“The decision to allow them into our facilities was ours. This was not a formal decision by the institution, but an informal one made on the spot. Some have asked if the campus was used to house or stage activity of the Boston Police; it was not,” the Facebook post said.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

When the looters come to steal instruments and tear up the place, who will they call?

3 years ago

A school run by Morons . When the Purge begins and the crowds come for them they will be crying for police protection