New Dem Strategy: Claim there was a GOP insurrection until November 2022


The View is a dishonest, partisan Left show with hate-filled women who are clueless hacks, spewing hate and misinformation daily. The Right only has Meghan McCain to fend them off and she isn’t very right-wing herself.

Today, The View ‘ladies’ went after Meghan for trying to stop the constant discussions about the riot on January 6th. Mind you, they never talk about Antifa or Black Lives Matter violence in all our major cities.

This is the Democrat strategy — to pretend January 6th was an ‘insurrection’ and an ‘attack on our democracy.’ They want you to believe it was only meant to overturn the vote.

In fact, Democrats contest the vote every time the Republicans win.


James Carville sees it as a strategy. He told Democrats to make Republicans to respond to it until the next election:

“But I’ll say this, two of the most consequential political events in recent memory happened on the same day in January: the insurrection at the US Capitol and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia. Can’t overstate that.

But the Democrats can’t fuck it up. They have to make the Republicans own that insurrection every day. They have to pound it. They have to call bookers on cable news shows. They have to get people to write op-eds. There will be all kinds of investigations and stories dripping out for god knows how long, and the Democrats should spend every day tying all of it to the Republican Party. They can’t sit back and wait for it to happen.

Hell, just imagine if it was a bunch of nonwhite people who stormed the Capitol. Imagine how Republicans would exploit that and make every news cycle about how the Dems are responsible for it. Every political debate would be about that. The Republicans would bludgeon the Democrats with it forever.

So whatever you think Republicans would do to us in that scenario, that’s exactly what the hell we need to do them.”

Republicans don’t want to overturn the capitalist and traditional government. They want to keep Democrats from doing it.


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2 years ago

It’s the economy stupid and Democrats will have the economy is such a mess that they will lose both the House and Senate in massive landslides. In January 2023, both the President and the VP will be impeached and a Republican Speaker will be President. Democrats will go along because they will know not voting for Impeachment will be Political Suicide.

Boris loves Natasha
Boris loves Natasha
2 years ago

The View! Bwahaha! A capitalist pig CEO cousin has a room sized Trump MAGA mural for box wine auntie triggering.
Is it mean? Care factor is zero.