Coloradans wait on line for 14 hours for a burger


In and Out Burger, looks ordinary to us.

Coloradans waited on a two-mile line for 14 hours to buy an ‘In-N-Out burger.’ Really! No joke!

In-N-Out opened its first locations in Colorado Friday, causing traffic jams, a miles-long line, and 14-hour drive-thru waits at one location. They opened up in Aurora and Colorado Springs. It’s billed as a great burger for a fair price. Okay, then, but maybe Coloradans are smoking too much weed.

Police were tweeting about traffic jams and other locations where they could go to eat. Allegedly, there are plenty of burger places with better burgers. Maybe their marketing isn’t as good.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

Welcome to Calirado! People from the Land of Fruits and Nuts moved to the Mile High City. This is what you get – people who are stupid and stoned. Good luck!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

There has always been a certain number of “trendy” people in Colorado but since becoming fully Californicated, Colorado has gone off the deep end in something you just can’t fix: being STUPID! And I wonder just how “green” the members of the “woke” crowd who were waiting in line in an idling car for the drive up window believe they were. But in all honesty, I read about just about as much stupidity in other states a while back by people waiting in lines at Popeye’s for their new chicken sandwich. Some of those lines spawned fights. No wonder so many believe there was no election fraud and Joe Biden won.