Dominion SPOX says the machines were used in districts Trump won


On Sunday, Dominion spokesman Michael Steel blasted claims from Trump’s campaign that Dominion voting systems flipped votes from Trump to Biden, the fake president-elect.

Steel, who says he’s a conservative, formerly worked with John Boehner, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Mitt Romney. Steel is a frequent guest on MSNBC, NPR, and Bloomberg TV and radio. Has written op-eds for The Washington Post, NBC. He also worked for Pelosi.

According to Steel, Trump won the counties where their machines were used in Pennsylvania.

If True, We Need to Hear Sidney Powell’s Explanation…

“They keep bringing in jurisdictions where we don’t even work. They keep talking about — they’re asking for recounts in Milwaukee, in Dane County, Wisconsin, or in Pennsylvania,” Steel said.

“In fact, in 14 counties where Dominion machines were used, the president won 52% of the vote.”

When asked if the votes could have been skewed to favor Biden, Steel said that was a “realm of conspiracies so dark” he has “no idea” what they’re talking about.

“If someone tried to alter the electronic record, the printed paper ballots wouldn’t match. It’s not possible. Again, we’ve gone back to Georgia, we’ve gone back to other places, matched the ballots to the electronic tally. They match. There is no widespread fraud in the way they’re alleging,” Steel said.

“I have not yet heard a claim that is in any way legitimate that would substantially alter, or alter, a single vote, no,” Steel added.

Does anyone know what districts that Dominion machines/software were used in? And did they print out all the ballots and compare them?

This Isn’t True…

Steel described himself as a “conservative Republican” with a history of working for “conservative causes, candidates, and election officials for nearly 20 years,” and said the Trump camp’s claims of fraud are against the “very system that inspires the confidence that we have and the love of our country.”

“It is all our obligation to defend the truth, to defend democracy, and that’s what we’re trying to do here,” he continued.

No matter how this turns out, we should dump the machines.

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