Colorado Law Allows Post-Birth Abortion (Infanticide) – Up to 28 Days


A new Colorado law is written so vaguely that it allows post-birth abortions – infanticide – up to 28 days after birth.

The new law declares abortion to be a “fundamental right” in Colorado. It denies all rights and legal protections to any “fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus” up to birth. It also prohibits cities and municipalities from banning abortions through local ordinances.

The editors of The Denver Gazette warned that the law is so ambiguous that they can die after birth by cause or neglect,  Lifesite News reports.

Gov. Polis signed a statement saying the law doesn’t do that but that isn’t what the law says.

Under the law, state and local officials are prohibited from regulating or restricting any form of “reproductive health care,” including “postnatal and delivery care” – in other words, after the baby is born.

The Gazette editors continued:

[The law] goes further, forbidding consequences for reproductive decisions made regardless of “the pregnancy’s outcomes.” Common “outcomes” include birthed infants. …

This unthinkable action could happen when a mother contracts with the Boulder Abortion Clinic — “specializing in late abortions” — if she delivers before the procedure. Dr. Warren Hern, the clinic’s founder, lobbied for this law. It could happen when a woman delivers an infant with Down syndrome. It could happen to “crack babies.”

Democrats could have tightened the language but chose not to – why? Pro-life Coloradans raised concerns and Republicans tried to amend the bill to protect newborns, but Democrat lawmakers rejected the amendment as they “rolled their eyes and crossed their arms defensively,” the editors wrote.

California and Maryland have similar laws. It’s not bad enough that full-term babies can be killed only inches from delivery. The Left has to kill them afterward as well. This is who we are now. No nation has laws like this. These are our values under Democrats.

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1 month ago

Don’t worry, the Law allowing Genocide of everyone over 65 is on it’s way. Old People are an inconvenience just like babies. Besides, look at all the money the Democrats can save not having to pay Medicare and Social Security. It’s the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Loser who will push Grandma and Grandpa off the cliff. When it comes to Values, Democrats have none; which is why they are doing everything they can to destroy religion.

Sovereign Mary
Sovereign Mary
1 month ago


1 month ago

“up to 28 days after birth” !!!!! I want some Judge to explain how that is not MURDER!!!

Red Wave
Red Wave
23 days ago

I don’t see the “28 days after birth” portion in the law. Can someone help?

22 days ago

Polis is a POS along with the leftists and RINOS,