Colorado Rep Introduces Bill to Allow Victims of Illegals to Sue the Mayor of the Sanctuary City


A Colorado State Representative Dave Williams has introduced a bill that allows victims of illegal immigrant crime to sue the mayor of the city where the crime occurred. It’s important to note that this applies to sanctuary cities — Denver, Boulder, Aurora. This could be one way to put an end to them.

“It’s beyond any reasonable thought as to why the Democrats, along with (Denver Mayor Michael Hancock), would continue to not only act outside the law, which they swore to uphold, but also enjoy immunity from their reckless decision to place Coloradans in danger because of the sanctuary city policies that they created and continue to implement,” Rep. Dave Williams, R-Colorado Springs, said in a news release announcing the bill.

The House in Denver is controlled by Democrats. This bill is more of a political statement more than a realistic expectation.

The sanctuary cities in Denver face the loss of millions because of Trump’s executive order exploring the option of defunding these cities.

Mayors aren’t generally responsible for crimes that take place in their city. Obviously, in sanctuary cities, however, mayors are breaking the law.

Putting foreign nationals above the citizens you are sworn to protect is actively negligent.

A bill like this would probably never pass but, if it did, it could open up officials to liability for other crimes and frivolous lawsuits. On the other hand, perhaps this is an immunity negligent and lawless officials should not have.

A federal judge recently dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Kate Steinle. Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant repeatedly deported and given sanctuary by the city of San Francisco.

Is there a law that would stop this?

When the left has an issue, they send out hundreds of lawyers to confront the situation and sue. Aren’t there any lawyers willing to fight the criminals and the law-breaking cities?

Is this law a good idea?

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