Columbia’s Trying to Negotiate with Pro-Hamas Chaos Agents, & Where Is Chuck Schumer?


Columbia President Minouche Shafik is trying to negotiate with pro-Hamas terrorists and communist college kids. She established a deadline to negotiate the dismantling of the encampment. That’ll work [not].

She emphasized the need for compliance with university policies and the importance of restoring calm to campus so students can finish the term and graduate.

Shafik expressed her hope that the ongoing talks would be successful in reaching an agreement before the midnight deadline. However, she warned that if an agreement was not reached, the university would have to consider alternate options to clear the West Lawn where the encampment was situated. The decision to issue this warning came after Shafik had already canceled in-person classes, citing the need for a reset amidst the escalating demonstrations that had been ongoing for six days. The focus was on facilitating a peaceful resolution to the situation and ensuring that students could continue their studies without disruption.

The pro-Hamas protests are part of a global communist movement to uproot Western civilization. Communists will join any anti-American or anti-Israel protest. It’s a fact. This is going on in Canada, the UK, and other European nations.

What would happen if the protesters screamed, “Kill the blacks, kill the LGBTs?” instead of “Kill the Jews” and “Death to America.”


Over 100 protesters were arrested quickly by NYPD cops as they chanted in support of Palestinians on Tuesday evening near Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s home in Brooklyn.

The anti-Israel protesters, including many from Jewish activist organizations, were arrested after they refused to budge from blocking traffic at Grand Army Plaza during the protest dubbed “Seder in the Streets.”

There’s no comment on his X page. This is what he did when elderly Jews were dying at the nursing home near his home.

They wouldn’t arrest them outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home.

Communist Jewish protesters.

Mayhem at Harvard.

Don’t worry; our president is on top of it.

He’s also blessing himself to ward off Gov. DeSantis or 6-week abortion, hard to say which. He’s such a good Catholic.

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